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Levi update!

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Well, we've had Levi for 6 weeks now. He has come such a long way since we brought him home. He now accepts most handling, stands still for grooming, doesn't pull like crazy when tied, and we've even had a blanket, bridle and saddle on him and he was fine with it. He can't be started under saddle until at least spring due to his weight, so we are mainly doing ground work and lots and lots of getting him used to things. I can swing a rope around right over his head, John can ride his moped alongside of us as we're walking, I can walk him over tarps, through tight places, over wooden "bridges" that I created, and tons of other stuff.

I've started on some light training exercises, teaching him verbal commands... "walk, trot, woah", "backup", etc. I've been watching Clinton Anderson's shows and videos. He's an awesome trainer and I really like his methods. I've been doing a lot of his ground exercises including the lateral flexion which surprised me at how easily Levi picked it up.

He is really an amazing horse, and I'm looking forward to someday getting to ride him!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend, excuse the dirt... he had just been rolling around the pasture:

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Sounds like he is coming right along! He is starting to fill out isn't he? How old did you say he was? My neighbor had one with close to the same markings as Levi....he would run from my neighbor every time she would get in the field, straight to my part of the fence! She was cruel to him,smacking in in the face with the lead and such. After I had words with her, they moved. I should have kept my mouth shut so I could at least keep an eye on him! Anyway,Levi has gorgeous markings and has the tiniest feet I've ever seen for his size!
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Thank you! Yea, he's filling out a lot. He's still got a long way to go, but I'm happy with the weight he's gained. The people said he is 7 years old, and his teeth say 7-8 so that's pretty accurate.
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I took a few more pictures today.

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Oh my goodness is he comming along well!!!! I bet you are so proud. He is going to be a beauty!!!!!

Just keep at it and he'll be the best horse you ever had! My mare is terribly loyal and has been a great horse. They know when they have a good family adn they are SOOOOO thankfull!

What he looks like now is what my mare looked like when I got her. That is terrible to think that is after 6 weeks of you feeding him and taking care of him.....How horrible!!!

Have you tried ropes around his legs??? I had to work with my mare a lot with that sort of stuff. She was deffinitely beaten with whips, because I couldn't even walk her by anything that remotely resembled a whip or a rope. So we worked and worked to the point that I can now have her step over a rope and move her legs one at a time with the rope. I'm sure you know how important it is to have a horse that is not shy about things getting wrapped around their legs!!!!

Good luck to both you and Levi!
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