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I will get up a kitten recipe soon I have to make sure it is correct
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It's wonderful to see these two little white fur babies doing sooo much better. You are a great kitty Daddy! And you're fiance is a great kitty Mommy! Keep up the good work!
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I too have been following your thread from the beginning and I just love how far you've brought these kitties! You're doing an awesome job with them!!
The pics are too cute...I love them on the bag
I just wanted to say ... since you mentioned concern on how many bm's Slotty's having...my kitty Zoe who is now 7 months had a LOT of bm's in the beginning. At least 4 or 5 a day....luckily she now only has 1 or 2 a day...so I think part of that is just their age and of course the rough start they've had. I do think you will see continued improvement in that area.
Continued good for y'all. Thanks for the updates...I think we all really love to hear them.
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Can you get yogurt or cottage cheese there? I have some cat food recipes, each of which should be enough for two cats for a day or two. They're not specifically for kittens.

2 cups of ground chicken or turkey, cooked
1 cup of cooked (brown) rice
1/4 cup of grated carrots
4 teaspoons of cottage cheese or plain yogurt
4 teaspoons of vegetable oil

Combine and serve at room temperature. Refrigerate leftovers.

1 15-ounce can of salmon (or simply cooked salmon)
1 cup of cooked (brown) rice
1/4 cup of chopped parsley or celery
4 teaspoons of yogurt or cottage cheese
4 teaspoons of vegetable oil (If salmon is packed in oil omit adding vegetable oil)

Combine all ingredients and serve at room temperature. Refrigerate leftovers.

2 cups of cooked stewing beef, finely chopped
1 cup of cooked (brown) rice
1/4 cup of cooked peas
1/4 cup of raw carrots, shredded
!/4 cup of cooked zucchini, shredded
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
1 tablespoon of cottage cheese

Combine all ingredients and serve warm. Refrigerate leftovers.

Metric conversion:
1/4 tsp. 1.25 ml
1/2 tsp. 2.5 ml
1 tsp. 5 ml
1 Tbsp. 15 ml
1/4 cup 62.5 ml
1/2 cup 125 ml
3/4 cup 187.5 ml
1 cup 250 ml

If you can't get yogurt or cottage cheese, I wonder if you could use goat's milk instead, or offer it as a side dish? They need some calcium.

ETA: Just a thought about litter boxes. Plastic dish pans or storage containers would serve as litter pans.
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You are so good at keeping us updated. Well Done, and on dial-up, I'm sure this is costing you a fortune!!

Your babies are really starting to look good now. Its just Slooty's 'yellow' eyes now. I can't believe the size difference in them, considering they're the same age.

Have you considered that they may be from the same litter? They are both so similar. Do you know for sure if they are deaf yet?

As for food, if you want to jazz up the meat+potatoes for them, you should add fruit (squash fruits). I believe the meat to fruit/veg ratio for cats is 90/10 or 80/20, so don't put in too much, but it would be nice to add a bit of pumpkin/melon/cucumber or similar to the dish everyday.

Well Done, your doing a really good job.
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Yes, I was wondering if you thought they were from the same litter also or are odd-eyed white kitties just very common in China?
Oh they are just precious little babies. You and your fiance are doing a fantastic job with them. Have you been giving them yogurt, that will definitely help to settle their tummies.
Good luck!
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What a relief to read even better news this morning!!

More healthy on their way over for them, and your both doing great with them. It's a good job your fiance knows the way they work over there when you mentioned the litter

Don't worry about the size of the pictures, just post them as you would normally and i'll shrink them, because that way we'll see them bigger than the links
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Checking in....
How are Slooty and Luna?
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Wednesday Update - Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee

Thanks to her chicken & potato diet Luna is finally getting over her diarrhea and is feeling much more playful. Today she attempted to take on the whirling furcyclone known as Slooty... with decidedly mixed results.

As Slooty is about a full 50% larger than Luna, we've taken to calling them "Big Sloo" and "Lil Lu" around the apartment.

Lil Lu made the mistake of challenging Big Sloo to a playfight this morning, and the gauntlet was thrown down.

For the rest of the day Slooty has been hunting Luna. Hiding behind chair legs, human legs, door jams, boots, boxes, and many more things that don't even conceal her head let alone her entire body, Slooty lies in wait until just the right moment and then sprints ahead and pounces directly on top of Luna.

Lil Lu invariably flops on her back and wrestles for her life against her brutish adopted sister. The play was so fierce today that we got a little worried, what with Big Sloo repeatedly pinning Luna to the floor and going after her jugular.

I read through the Behavior forum though, and had to admit that we haven't had any hissing to speak of. Occasionally Luna will whine (kind of a mehhhhh) when Slooty pins her and doesn't let her up right away, but nothing any worse than that.

I really wish Luna was as big as Slooty, as I really think Luna could give her what for, but for the time being Slooty is the brute.

The other silly behavior of note are the litterbox shenanigans. Slooty and Luna have separate litterboxes and behave as follows:

1. Luna only uses her own box, never Slooty's.
2. Slooty only uses her own box, never Luna's, but Slooty reserves the right to occasionally pee just outside of Luna's box.
3. Luna always takes the utmost care to very carefully bury her BM's.
4. Slooty never buries her BM's, preferring instead to let us all share in their glorious perfume.
5. If Slooty has deposited one such glorious BM, and left it prominently uncovered, and Luna sees it before we do... Luna will walk into Slooty's litterbox and take the utmost care to very carefully bury it for her!

We've witnessed this sequence of events twice today, and can only come to the conclusion that Slooty is the jerk of the family, and Luna is the selfless Angel.

Now for the obligatory photo spam you've all come to expect and love (I hope!)... And please don't hate me for the size, they're ALL under 200kb each and I was instructed to go ahead and toss up em full size!

Luna sure looks cute in this box...

But the truth is Slooty won't let her out!

Luna has already mastered the "I'm the victim!" look...

But despite all the hunting, ambushes, and occasionally bruised feelings they still find time to curl up on the giant mailbag together for a snooze...

Tomorrow we'll visit the Vet and get the deworming meds. Slooty & Luna are one giant success story at this point and we couldn't have done any of it without the wonderful assistance and emotional support of this forum and its members. These aren't just our kittens, there are your kittens too now!
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What wonderful photos, and those girls look wonderful!! And to think just a few days ago that neither of them had much of a future;one a stray and the other in a cage...and now look!! They're loving SISTERS!!!! Congratulations to your new family!!
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You have given us the wonderful gift of sharing the story about your rescue and rehabilitation of those two little angels.
Because of that...yes, Slooty and Luna are our kittens too.
Slooty & Luna
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Such wonderful progress you have made with them!

The pictures are beautiful and I look forward to watching them grow

One of the persian owners on here should be able to help you figure out what to use to get the tear stains off their little faces. They are going to be gorgeous when they're all cleaned up and healthy!
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Ooooooooh look at those babies playing!! That's a fantastic sign!

I wouldn't worry about Luna letting out a little whimper when they play. My Sophie did that as a kitten when Rosie pinned her down to play fight, and when i looked she never had a tooth near her?. It's like she was saying "I submit!!!". All i'd say was "Ok enough!" they'd seperate, but no sooner had Rosie walked away and Sophie would pounce on her from behind

Those two little girls are going to bond brilliantly!
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So relieved to read and to see how well they are doing! Just little white fuzzy angels! Looks like Slooty is the dominant personality.

In rescue work, I have noticed that some cats bury their poo, while others don't - maybe someone here can enlighten on the subject.
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Not covering poo can be a attempt to show dominance.
Sadie does that sometimes.
It's obvious that these two sweeties are jocking for position in their territory.
Territory to a cat includes many things...
it can be horizontal as well as vertical space and changes frequently.
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Ziggy never buried her poo when all the kittens were around. Thants dominance for you!!! Sometimes Links doesn't do it now, he trys, but unsuccessfully. I think he's just Lazy
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What a wonderful story! You've done wonders with these girls!
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I have been following this post everyday... I am simply amazed by the cultural differances when it comes to animals. I see people everyday who have dogs shipped from europe, buy their animals Coach collars, and spend thousands of dollars to give their animals the best care possible. The vets office I work for deals with several differant animal rescues that spend hundreds of dollars to get these animals healthy so they can be adopted to a loving home. I'm just a little shocked that where you live doesn't even have litterboxes... I couldn't imagine my life without my pets. They bring me such happiness.

I also wanted to say what your doing is incredible. You have done everything possible with so little resources. Its just amazing. You are a good hearted person and I'm sure slooty and luna are very thankful to have found a person like you. You are their hero.

Keep the pictures coming. They are both so beautiful.

Good luck to you, your fiancée and your newest family members!!!
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I'm sorry I got into this thread late and bless you for doing a great job. Now, I don't know how far you are from Shanghai BUT there will be a cat show on the 17-18th of this month.

17-18(L). PROC, SHANGHAI: Shanghai International Exhibition Centre, No 88 Lou Shan Guan Road. Shanghai Cat Lovers' Society.

If you want carriers and what not, general information you can get it there and I can recommend someone at the show there who will talk to you and help I'm sure you will be able to find out where the better shops are esp. in terms of food. PM me for details!
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I've been following the story of Slooty and Luna from the beginning. What the two of you have done for these kitties is fantastic. The kitty girls are so fortunate to have found you.

It looks as though the girls are on the way to becoming loving sisters. it must be a joy for you to watch them.
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No major update tonight, mommy & daddy are too tired. The girls are doing wonderfully though, lots of play today and Luna has begun chasing after and initiating the playfights with Slooty! We think she's feeling a little better than yesterday when Slooty was beating her up the whole time.

Thank you for the tip about the Shanghai cat show, but we're a long, long way from Shanghai and won't be able to attend.

They're both eating very well and have great BM's and urine. Last night was the first night since we got either one of them that neither wanted to sleep on the bed with us - they curled up together in a box padded with a large sheet out in the living room!

More in the morning, hope everyone is doing well! We're very happy and in love with our girls over here!
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I wonder if there are any online stores that would ship to you? If so, you wouldn't be so limited on food choices and kitty items.
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Thanks for the update on the little munchkins
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Slooty & Luna
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Just checking in on the progress of Luna and Slooty...
Did your vet get the worming meds?
How is your fur family today?
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Friday Night Update

Slooty and Luna have settled into a solid daily routine, it generally consists of the following:

-brief nap
-run around like maniacs
-lie in ambush for each other
-attack dad's boots with great ferocity, sometimes as a team

Each one of those items will be repeated throughout today, and in varying sequences - that pretty much sums it up though.

Regarding their health, we've begun the deworming treatment, their BM's and appetites are great, and they're beginning to slowly gain some weight.

However, we are now finding ourselves occupied with skin problems. Slooty is rapidly losing hair on her left ear, and her eyebrow areas. Her skin is getting a bit scaley, and when it sloughs off it takes some hair with it. This in turn makes her itch and she scratches at it, making even more hair come off. I've got 2 pictures for you geniuses to help us with:

Slooty's left ear, the worst "bald spot" she has, growing larger every day:

If you look carefully, you can see another "bald spot" forming above her right eye (the left eye in the picture):

I apologize for the less than stellar image quality, but these darn white cats really screw with the brightness of a digital photo taken up close!

What do you wonderful folks think?
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My first thought is ringworm....
You can also do a search in this heath forum.
The most important this is...
if it is ringworm, treat both the kitties and the environment.

They are so beautiful...
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Hmmmm i'm not familiar with anything like that but someone here will be, so they'll be along soon

Oops and theres Lei!

Awwww look at the little munchkin That's great to hear that their still doing good though
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You should ask the vet to be sure, but it is most likely Ringworm. At the shelter we have prescribed medication from the vet, but often just use over the counter anti-fungal cream like Lotrimin. http://www.lotrimin.com/ If you have this, or something similar you can use it on them.

If it is ringworm, they will likely both get it, and you and your fiance as well. You can use the same cream. It takes several weeks to get rid of, and will get worse before it gets better. Coming from the streets as they did, ringworm is just another "normal" thing to expect, such as worms, fleas, etc.
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if it is ringworm, it is critical that along with your kitties you clean all bedding etc...
regularly or it will return.
My kids had ringworm when they were young...
what a battle that was but we finally got rid of it.
It's a challenge but you can do it.
We are all behind you 100%.

How is the peeing outside of the litter box issue?
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