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Oh my goodness look how fluffy they are!. Their coats really show up in those new pictures and their gorgeous

Were going to have a couple of little divas at TCS
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That poor dog. Life must be very hard for cat & dogs in China.

About the tummy issues....
along with parasites, I wonder if tuna might be a bit rich for a tummies that are unaccustomed to fish.

Here is a recipe for a bland diet that might help.
Plain boiled chicken mixed in its own broth with a small amount of well cooked white rice all mashed up together.
No spices of any kind.

Also, antibiotics can cause diarrhea in both humans and kitties. The reason for this is that the antibiotics, while killing off the bad bacteria making kitty sick also kill off the friendly bacteria living in the intestine. This allows more unfriendly bacteria to invade the intestine, damaging it. As a result, the intestine won't absorb as much of the water from the stool as it normally would.

Plain yogurt can sometimes be useful because it contains friendly bacteria. These friendly bacteria are the ones that turned the milk into yogurt. Look for one that says "live and active yogurt cultures" on the package. Only a small amount and not for more than one week.
I would see what your vet thinks about the yogurt but the bland chicken & rice mix would be OK.

What prepared wet & dry cat food options are available in your area?
If you listed some, along with their ingredients, TCS has some members who are very savvy about cat food.
I have no doubt that they would be willing to go over the ingredients and suggest which ones might be best for your kitties as they transition to solid food.

Both kitties remain in my thoughts as they continue to heal and thrive under your loving care.
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Thank you everyone for the food suggestions. I'll be at the supermarket this evening so I will be sure to remember to do an inventory of what name-brands they carry and what ingredients are listed. You all are wonderful!

Monday Morning Update

The goat's milk diet continues. Luna was up at 630 with me and put away 4mL of milk without complaint. Some of you have suggested that we try and feed her more, but don't forget that she's also getting 5mL of liquid medicine twice a day and we don't want her tiny tummy to pop.

Luna has been a bedbug today, as usual, but she's not getting worse - perhaps even a little better.

Good gracious, we've resurrected a monster! Slooty is everywhere and nowhere at once now, and this morning she finally felt well enough to pass the ultimate "are you a kitten?" test - she boxed with a very elusive piece of string!

She's been all over the house, is eating very well, and had a nice large BM around 930 that was nicely formed and had a good moisture level. Her eyes look great, and she's just active, active, active now!

Here's a picture of Luna being ridiculously cute on the bed after having her 5mL of morning tummy medicine. She has the most beautiful eyes...

And a picture of Slooty out on the balcony(!) basking in the sunshine atop some empty boxes. She's really feeling wonderful today!

We will call the Vet soon today and discuss worms and deworming. Luna's still not 100% yet, but things are infinitely better than they were when I made my first post here.

Thank you so much everyone!

We'll be back this evening with our Monday Night Update and a list of all the food available for Daddy to buy (there isn't much!).

Bye bye!
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they are really starting to look much better .
great job.
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Oh my word look at them! I've shrank your pictures so it's easier for those on dial up to see

I had to laugh when you said Slooty was everywhere and nowhere though Wait until the pair of them get going
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This has been such an uplifting and happy story to follow! You're doing a great job with these two sweet girls!!!
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I was researching more info. about a bland diet...
apparently some kitties don't like rice.
A small amount of white potato mashed up with the chicken and it's broth will work too.
If if remember correctly, the rice or potato acts as a kind of digestive binder.
Hopefully you will have more suggestions about this option.

More progress in the right direction....
Keep it up Luna and Slooty pies.
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Mmm.. I wouldn't give them potatoes. Potatoes cause flatulence in cats... LOL
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Just look at those little darlings!

I am so happy to see that they are both doing much better. I wasn't sure if Slooty would make it those first few days. You have done an amazing job caring for them both. I look forward to hearing more about their future progress.

The attitude towards pets is very sad, but maybe someday it will change, with people like you helping

You are going to have to absolutely gorgeous kitties once they are all better and cleaned up. They look like they could be siblings! Its adorable that their eyes are colored just opposite so you can tell them apart!
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Thank you for all your tips about feeding them and treating their upset tummies!

Sorry about the large pictures - I'm on dialup too so I should know better, but you know how it goes when you're excited...

Monday Night Update


Slooty has had a great day - lots of play, lots of food, and some nice BMs. Her eyes look great and we're very happy with her energy level. She's getting a small amount of Whiskas wet kitten tuna with some dry Purina Kitten chow mixed in when she demands it - which was 5 times today. No vomiting or diarrhea of any kind.


Luna hasn't done as well as Slooty. She's alternated between vary vocal periods where she parks in front of the kitchen sink on the floor(?) and cries and periods where she's just a white fuzzy bump on the bed comforter. We've been giving her plenty of goat's milk when she cries, and she takes it without complaint, but she's still having very bad diarrhea in her litterbox. We've clipped nearly all the hair away from her poor bottom and swoop down with babywipes after every litter trip, but her poor poor bottom...

We were unable to get ahold of our Vet today, she wasn't answering her cellphone and didn't return our calls. Hopefully she just had the day off or was busy and we can get in touch with her tomorrow.

We're worried about Luna, and frustrated. She's not getting worse but she doesn't seem to be getting better, and it tugs on our heartstrings to see her sitting on the bed with her legs all drawn under her staring off into space for hours on end. We're giving her as much TLC as we can, but her condition seems stubbornly resistant to change.

Tomorrow we will try the boiled chicken & rice/potato slurry for her to try and firm up her BMs a bit unless someone has a better suggestion.


I took an inventory of the major supermarket's catfood section this afternoon, the following brands are available and their ingredients are listed:


Whiskas Mackeral (mackeral, geling agents, vegetable oil, color agents, vitamins & minerals, no preservatives)

Whiskas Kitten Tuna (tuna meat, geling agents, vegetable oil, vitamins & minerals, no preservatives)

Whiskas Mackeral & Shrimp Balls (mackeral, shrimp balls, geling agents, vegetable oil, color agents, vitamins & minerals, no preservatives)


Whiskas Kitten [this has a Waltham Seal?] (wholegrain cereals, poultry, pork, beef and or fish & their byproducts, whole milk powder, cereal extracts, refined vegetable oil & animal tallow, whole egg powder, iodized salt, vitamins & minerals, amino acids, lecithin, colorants, potassium sorbate, antioxidants)

Whiskas Ocean Fish Flavor (same as above)
Whiskas Chicken Flavor (same as above)
Whiskas Seafood (same as above)
Whiskas Beef (same as above)

Purina Friskies Adult Tuna & Salmon (whole grain cereals & byproducts, meat & byproducts, cereal & vegetable byproducts, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, color agents, tuna & salmon meat, seaweed, flavor, antioxidants)

Purina Friskies Oceanfish [same as above except for bold] (whole grain cereals & byproducts, meat & byproducts, cereal & vegetable byproducts, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, full cream milk powder, color agents, tuna & salmon meat, seaweed, flavor, antioxidants)

Purina Friskies Kitten
(same as above)


Right now Slooty is getting the Whiskas Kitten Tuna wetfood with some dry Purina Friskies Kitten mixed in. Luna is getting goat's milk and diarrhea

That's all I've got for tonight. We will try again tomorrow to get with the Vet about deworming. In the meantime we'll be doing our best to comfort Luna and take care of her tiny bottom.

Slooty's doing great though!

Goodnight everyone! We love you all!
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Originally Posted by Shad View Post
Sorry about the large pictures - I'm on dialup too so I should know better, but you know how it goes when you're excited...
Don't worry it's understandable

Poor Luna I hope her tummy and her bottom settle down

The others will be able to advise you better on the food situation, but i hope the vets in touch with you soon.

More MEGA, HEALTHY HEALING FOR THE LITTLE CHERUBS. Your both doing great with these babies
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I've been following this thread with great interest, and it always makes me smile. You are a true angel for these little ones, and it does my heart good to see how well they're doing! And how beautiful they are!

I'll continue to keep your little furballs in my thoughts; it does sound like a worm problem with Miss Luna. Thankfully, that's usually pretty easy to deal with. Good luck getting in touch with your vet, and give Slooty and Luna some pets for me!
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I agree with Lei (xocats) that it would be a good idea to try some bland chicken and rice on Luna now. Not too much - maybe a tablespoon 3 times a day, increasing it to 4x if it tightens up her bowels.

Are you familiar with Jill Robinson, the woman who set up a sanctuary for Asiatic black bears in Chengdu? She also rescues dogs and cats, and one of her cats, Jimmy, is the grownup version of Luna and Slooty, i.e., the same longish white coat and odd eyes.

There's not much of a selection of cat food there, is there? Canned is better than dry. Sharky is the one who can really advise you, but given that selection, I'd probably feed all of the canned food varieties, with the kitten food being given more often than the others, and perhaps supplementing with both the Whiskas and Purina dry kitten foods. After Luna's tummy settles down, of course.
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I am still thinking that worms may be the main problem for Luna. When you get hold of your vet ask her about deworming.
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I have been doing a little research for you.

Here at Feline express you have an article about diarrhea in cats and kitten very interesting with dos and don't that might help you.

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The morning update won't come until my lunchbreak today, my apologies.

That'll be around 1am EST for you folks back in the US, please don't stay up on my account!
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Precious Luna...
come on sweetie pie, we are all pulling for you.
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Pardon my bluntness

BUT NONE of those drys would I ever consider...

of the wets these are good

Whiskas Mackeral (mackeral, geling agents, vegetable oil, color agents, vitamins & minerals, no preservatives)

Whiskas Kitten Tuna (tuna meat, geling agents, vegetable oil, vitamins & minerals, no preservatives)

??? is are they complete ... does China have something like AFFCO saying what is and isnt a complete diet on the bag or can??

What meats and grains can you get easily ??? I am willing to give you homemade diets and will ask my vet to help as kittens are NOT my specialty
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much has changed since i was there, But i know that at one point in time there was no such thing as what we would call Good types of canned cat food. I know that still in indoensia stuff like Friskies and meow mix are thought to be good foods.

all most all of the people that i know of in china, thai, indo, it was common to cook rice and chicken or rice and fish. for your cats. hmm and there was some smalltype of fish that was cooked as a treat frist, dont know now.

but that was how it used to be.
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I noticed a current thread about diarrhea in the Heath forum...
Hissy posted a couple of thoughts that you might find useful.


Hope that Luna is feeling better.
Did you reach your vet?
Vibes going out to Stooty and Luna....
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My sincere apologies for the delay...

The Big Tuesday Update


Slooty has reached full crazy kitten status. She spent the day sleeping, eating, and going bonkers all over the apartment. My fiancee has never spent a lot of time around a kitten before and is amazed anew on a daily basis at how exuberant they can be. Slooty's new favorite trick is to play with a giant woven bag we got with a package from the post office. She sleeps on it, in it, uses it to scratch her chin and cheeks, tests her claws on it, pounces on it, etc etc. In short, it's her new best friend.

Slooty has been eating like crazy and BMing up a storm as well. We've only been feeding her when she demands it, and her BMs are top-notch, but we do worry that perhaps it's a little too much? For the record, she ate 6 times today and had 3 medium-large BMs in her litter box.

We're guessing that's probably a little much for a kitten, but she was so malnourished when we got her a week ago that we feel terrible holding back food from her, and maybe she needs to "catch up" a little anyway? Any advice is welcome on that topic...


Luna is now officially a member of the chicken & potato club. Thankfully, she doesn't seem to mind in the least. She had one BM early in the morning that was very wet but not quite diarrhea. This was too early in the day to be a result of her new C&P diet though and she hasn't had another one since. We're hoping the potatoes kick in and next thing out of her rear is nice and firm.

The Pair

Sick kittens are not playful kittens, clearly. Slooty has been in full play mode for 2 days now, and Luna is finally starting to feel a little better and take notice. She's about half the size of Slooty and has begun cuddling with her and nuzzling her from time to time. When Slooty was going bonkers on her new post office bag Luna first watched intently from my knee, and then joined her on the floor. She wasn't feeling well enough to roll around and bite my toes like Slooty was, but she was a sneaky little devil and would bop Slooty on the butt when Slooty had her back turned. When Slooty spun around to respond Luna would flop on her back with a classic "I'm just kidding!" surrender look on her face. We were delighted to see our girls really playing together for the first time.

I have lots of new pictures today, but to spare my fellow dial-up members I'm only including links to the images. The photos are small in size and will load quickly for everyone, but I didn't want to choke this thread of too much with the fuzzy white cuteness... You may click at your leisure:

Daddy came home during his lunch break and caught a catnap with Luna...

Slooty was in crazy kitty mode this evening and took great pleasure in attacking Daddy's toes and sock...

Luna was feeling well enough to leave her spot on the bed and sit with Daddy on his knee...

What on earth is my silly sister Slooty doing down there? Hmm... it looks sort of fun...

Two little devils, one giant bag (Slooty on the left, little Luna on the right)...

We visited the Vet today sans kittens but she was out of the deworming medicine and told us she was expecting another shipment in on Thursday. We'll be back then with bells on. In the meantime it's a chicken & potato party and everyone's invited.

A brief kitten behavior question while I have your attention - we've already got the 2 litterbox system going. They're both in the bathroom but at opposite ends of the room - one beside the toilet and the other behind the washer (so about 3m apart). Luna uses the toilet box without trouble. Slooty uses the washer box but ALSO occasionally pees on the floor next to Luna's box. Never inside, just next to, and not every time, just occasionally.

We keep the boxes spotless, so it's not a question of her box being "full" or "dirty" ... any ideas?

This wraps up the Tuesday Update. I hope everyone out there is healthy and happy. We're in high spirits over here in China, and are looking forward to getting them dewormed and hopefully get Luna up to 100% soon.

Lastly, we would be delighted to prepare homecooked food for our girls instead of relying on store-bought junk. Even buying American brands like Purina is a bit scary here - after all, this is the land of lead toys and poison pet food. I bought 2 bags of kitty litter the other night and was scolded by my Chinese fiancee for not opening them in the store before I bought them... "Did he SHOW you the litter before you bought it? It could be a bag of DIRT for all you know!"

It's a different world over here... if you have any good recipes for a nice healthy mix we will make them lovingly for our little white fuzzballs!
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Hi, I've been watching your thread, it is great that you are helping these kitties!

The out-of-box activity could be associated with them feeling pain when they go to the bathroom, and associating it with the box.

I have a kitten whose butt is sore whenever she goes, and she cries and growls when she licks herself. Someone suggested vaseline petroleum jelly to help her butt, and also I was able to get the feline version of immodium from the vet.

Also purina makes little packets of something called pro-biotic to sprinkle on food. It is to be sprinkled on food while anti-biotics are given so that digestive systems don't go haywire with all the antibiotic activity. Maybe you could get some kind soul to order it for you online and send it to you :0
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love the new pics they are really starting to look much better!!
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Midnight Update

Luna finally had her BM and it was a shapely brown number delivered in 3 pieces! This is her first non-diarrhea BM since we took her home last Thursday!

Time for bed!
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I am so enjoying this thread!

Shad - thank you for keeping us updated. This is such a wonderful story, hearing how your little ones are improving and how much you clearly love them is heartwarming. Thank you for taking care of these two and not giving up thru all the challenges you face.

PS: my kitty has the toe/foot thing - she's never outgrown it. That photo of slooty reminds me of my kitty's technique...here's to many more years of happy toe attacks....*clink*
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I just finished looking at their pictures...
They are precious.
Luna really is much smaller than Slooty.
Do you think that she is the youngest of the two?

Good luck with their C/P diet. I hope that it helps settle their tummies.

Look in the behavior section about peeing outside of the litter box.
Maybe you will find some additional ideas there.

Todays vibes ... your vet receives their needed the worming meds and of course Luna and Slotty thriving.

Happy poo dance for Luna.

Thanks to you and your fiancé for the patience and love you are giving your two beautiful foundlings.
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Luna and Slooty are two very beautiful sweethearts!! And very lucky,too!
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Those pictures are adorable!

I'm so glad to see they are both doing better. I'm sure little Luna will catch up as soon as she is wormed and feeling better.

If you are able, I agree that a homemade diet would be best, considering your choices of brands. sharky can help you with the recipe.

You have two very lucky kitties, to have been found by someone so caring
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Thanks for providing the updates, they are the sweetest things and you have a real flair for writing. Their story would make a great book.

If you need anything mailed let me know, I'm in Western Canada.
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They look so much better, both of them!!! They are going to be very very beautiful, they are lucky to have found you, you are lucky to have found them!

About the peeing, maybe Slooty is marking territory next to Luna's box? I really don't know, or she doesn't feel well enough to pee in the litter?
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