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Sunday Morning...

Daddy's halfway through his monster work weekend. Slooty's skin is looking a little better, hair has begun growing back on her ears.

Luna is getting a little more active, a little more hungry day by day, we're happy.

I'll give you all a more meaty update once I'm back from work in the evening. Maybe even a picture or two...
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Shad, you're doing a fabulous job! And your fiance, too!

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You are doing great. I'm so glad Slooty is recovering from her nasty bout of Ringworm. And I'm so glad Luna is perking up.

I hope these kitties are now on the road to a happy healthy life. I hope there are no more hurdles to jump.
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Brilliant!, we can't wait, and that's great that their both improving. Your getting there with them
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One step at a time.
Can hardly wait to see new pictures of your little cotton balls.
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Sunday Night Update

We don't have too many observations to share, as Daddy was at work all day and Mommy was out scouting hotels and trying on wedding dresses for the big shindig next July.

Slooty and Luna are doing fine though. Luna had her first regular BM in quite a few days this evening and we're hoping that'll become the rule instead of the exception! Slooty is towering over Luna at this point, and was being a bit of a bully again this evening over who got to play with the bit of string tied to the chair arm, but we make sure things don't get too passionate. Hopefully Luna will start growing soon so she can smack Slooty around a bit more competitively. Right now it's like David & Goliath around here, and without the divine intervention

I've got 3 pictures for you all tonight. The first one is rather miraculous. You see, despite all the other pictures you've seen and my 40-odd posts to date... we don't actually have two kittens, we just have the world's longest kitten:

This chair was perfectly big enough for the two of them and Mommy to all sit comfortably together... but kittens being kittens they insisted on cramming themselves into only one side of the chair and making a little fluffy white sausage...

And here they are from the side, silly furballs!

That's all for tonight. Tuesday is the 3 week anniversary of Slooty coming home, I'll have a special size comparison picture for you then. It's amazing how much she's grown in such a short time!

Goodnight everyone!
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OMG Andrew! Their both looking fab!!!

You and your fiance don't realise just how much of a pair of angels you are to have nursed these babies back to life I can't believe the difference to what they were last week never mind from the day you brought them home

Once their 100% bring them in to fur pics so others can see them along with a link to their story, because their going to be so suprised

Do i sense your both getting married next year?
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They look fabulous! Already such amazing difference from the first pictures. You and your fiance are doing so great with them.

Another thing you might check for is ear mites. Its something else common in strays along with ringworm and worms, etc. I can't really tell from the pictures, and their ears might just be dirty but it doesn't hurt to check.

They are going to be such BEAUTIFUL kitties when they're all fixed up
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the are really starting to look better, you guys are doing a great job
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They both look so much better, it's positively amazing! This thread is just so fun to follow. I come to it the very first thing when I sign on. I'm so happy that everything is going so well for your little family. I'm definitely looking forward to more pictures of these cute little girls.
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"The Worlds Longest Kitten."
Are Slooty and Luna's Mommy and Daddy planning a wedding?
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They are looking wonderful!!
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Just a little tip which may help if you will....See if you can find some eye wash (like Optrex Eye Bath) pour some on to a cotton pad/ball and wipe the babies' eyes and stained areas, it will slowly clean it up over time

Here's a link to the Optrex - you can usually find it in pharmacies around Asia...

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I am so grateful that you and your fiancée have welcomed Slooty and Luna into your lives.
I hope that in some small way, your efforts on their behalf, will help enlighten other people who live in Shenyang, about what wonderful companions cats can be.

I hesitate to bring up this sad note but I read this article abut the Tiger tragedy at the Bing Chuan park in Shenyang and would appreciate your point of view. Do you think that the people in your city and China are becoming more aware about animal abuse & cruelty?

More vibes going out to Slooty and Luna...
kitties can never have enough loving vibes.
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Tuesday Morning Update

Slooty's doing great. Luna's still getting there. She was feeling well enough to smack Slooty around a little yesterday. Not too much, mind you, but it wasn't completely one-sided like it has been. They both got boiled chicken hearts for dinner, a very special treat, and were thrilled.

We had our first heavy snow of the year yesterday. Driving wind and snow drifts made me less than eager to head out for class, but I warmed myself with the thought that if it wasn't for us Slooty would be right out in the middle of that right now!

At least one good picture tonight, I promise!


Regarding the tiger story - it's shameful, but I'm not the least bit surprised. I also doubt it will do anything to change attitudes here about animal care. This last line really caught my eye:

The park allows visitors to drive their vehicles among tigers, bears, wolves and other animals roaming free. Entrance fees in the winter are 60 yuan per person (US$8, €5.50), half the 120 yuan (US$16, €11) charged during the summer.

That may not seem like much, but for a Chinese person that's a huge ticket price for everyone but the Upper Class. By comparison, I usually eat lunch here for 5 yuan. I have no idea what sort of management the place has, since I've never been there (or even heard of it), but there aren't many people in Shenyang who can afford to patronize such an expensive place.

On the subject of zoos in China, steer clear of the Beijing Zoo as well. Despite being the easiest place to see Pandas, and despite being quite cheap even for Chinese at about 10 yuan / person, the quality of the animal environments will move you to tears. And the birds fare the worst, with nearly every single one of them showing visible signs of stress and sickness (poor grooming, bald patches, etc.). It was pretty depressing, and if I ever took a child there it would only be to tell them exactly what was wrong with all of it.
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I am moved to tears from just reading your description of those poor suffering animals. Those Tigers belong to the world. We should care for them as we would our children.

A message to Luna....
You go girl.
Don't let your sister get the best of you.
Keep healing sweetheart.

Slooty and Luna

It seems like every time I am on site, my phone rings.
Just wanted to say that I can hardly wait to see another picture of our precious kittens.
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Oh the kitten play is certainly stating to come out from them now!

That's awful about the zoo as well, poor things
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Tuesday Night Update

Luna continues to improve. She's now matching Slooty BM for BM in the litter box, although hers are cute little ones and Slooty is building log cabins. They have two litter boxes, but have ceased using the smaller one and now share the bigger one without complaint. Cats will be cats I suppose!

Slooty - aka FungusKat - aka FleaHotel - got another flea shampoo bath today. We're not giving her too many, as we question the efficacy of the flea shampoo they sell here, as well as recognize the difficulty inherent in shampooing a long hair. My father has sent some kitten Advantage or some such similar "1 drop behind the head" flea treatment. We've had stunning success with those products back in Florida for both dogs and cats.

Anyhow, it was a perfect time to take another picture of Slooty, this time posed to match the very first picture we took of her after bringing her home exactly 3 weeks ago. I used my wristwatch as a scale reference to resize the photos until they were identical sizes. Note how much further apart my hands are now as I accommodate Slooty's healthy belly!

This concludes tonight's update - until tomorrow, I leave you with this:

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Oh my goodness look at the difference!! She looks no where near the sickly little fluff ball that she was does she!. Awwwww bless her little cotton socks

Look at that gorgeous chubby tummy!. It's great!!

You've both done good Andrew, really good
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Originally Posted by Shad View Post

We had our first heavy snow of the year yesterday. Driving wind and snow drifts made me less than eager to head out for class, but I warmed myself with the thought that if it wasn't for us Slooty would be right out in the middle of that right now!
That statement right there makes it all worthwhile! You truly did save her life
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You have done wonders with Slooty.
Her fur looks so much healthier.
She is obviously thriving under your care.

The difference between a toxic flea bath and Advantage is like night and day.
Advantage is the perfect solution for you because it will kill eggs scattered around your apartment as will as the fleas.

Your report about Luna's progress is really hopeful.
I am so glad that her energy level is improving and am looking forward to your next update about both sweeties.

Stay warm.
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They are adorable. And if I did not read their story, I would for sure have thought they were sisters.
They look so much alike, and even both have odd eyes.
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Wow, she's now white and fluffy!!!! And she's so big, it just shows how underweight she was before.

Lets hope your dad can keep posting you the flea treatment, it really is much better than a flea bath.

You really are doing good. Can we hope for a Luna before and after photo?
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From sickly, scrawny and dirty to thriving! Take pride and comfort in the fact that you saved that little girl! Fingers crossed that Luna keeps moving forward, too.

BTW - you're a very good writer! Love your commentary!
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It's just incredible how much better she looks in just three short week's time!!! Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to seeing the much improved Luna pics soon...
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Oh my goodness!!! Look at her!!! She's a regular little beauty...so shiny and so much healthier looking I like the Advantage...that's what I use too. It may take a few months to completely break the flea cycle in the house, but I agree with the others, it's soooo much better for her than the flea baths. That's great that your Dad can send it to you!
I'm also glad Luna keeps improving. I so hope that in the very near future, all this hard stuff is behind all of you...Slooty and Luna are very lucky girls!
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What an amazing difference in the before and after Slooty pictures. She looks so fluffy and healthy now.

It's good to hear that Luna is feeling better and is playing more with Slooty. Keep up the progress, Luna.

The two of you have done wonders for these kitty girls. They are so lucky to have found you, and you them.
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Wednesday Night Update

Thank you for the positive feedback on my writing. It's been a closet hobby of mine for years and one of these days I may have to sit down and chronicle all the unusual adventures I've had in my Asian travels...

Although we cross our fingers when we say it, Luna has appeared to reach full health. Starting late last night her and Slooty were two little white tornados around the apartment - behavior & play that has only gotten more energetic and rambunctious today. We are very, very happy!

Some of you have asked for a Luna set of before & after photos. I had to laugh because truth be told, Luna looks better in the first photo I took of her than she looks now. Remember, she was healthy when we brought her home and then began having diarrhea / respiratory problems, etc.! What I can show you though are two pictures from a staggeringly cute moment yesterday. I came home from work to find Luna occupying a rather unusual spot in the house...


She was filthy, but it was so adorable that I couldn't help but laugh!

They're both doing great, and hopefully we'll get through this ringworm phase without too much trouble and then be 100% healthy for the rest of the winter!
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Kitties love to nuzzle into the strangest places.
I see that little Luna found hers.

Dirt, ringworm and all, Luna is a beauty.
Here eyes are spectacular.

Thanks for sharing their latest pictures with us.
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Awwww! Look at how precious! She's just like my Kit... he has every toy he could ever desire, but he somehow finds the dirt in my roommate's plant to be the most enticing

The girls are looking fabulous, and I'm so glad to hear that everyone seems happy and healthy finally! You and your fiancee have done a marvelous job with those two!
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