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Weight gain after Spay?

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My 3 yr oold cat was spayed about 7 weeks ago and her tummy has gotten HUGE!!!! I just weighed her and she is 8 lbs now, think she was about 6 or 7. I SWEAR she looks pregnant! hehehe I just wonder if this is normal, or if I need to go see the vet. She is behaving normal in every other way. In fact, she has really cme out of her shell and has become so loving, it almost drives me crazy! And little boy got neutered a few weeks ago and is doing fine, loving loving loving now! He was before- but even more so now!

SO, should I be worried about her weightgain?
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I don't think I'd worry right now....but if she continues to look "pregnant", I'd take her back to the vet!! Mistakes in spaying have been known to happen!
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Several years back, Our girl Sliver got spayed & now she has udders. She is purrfectly healthy. She was our only girl cat who gained weight after getting spayed.

Just in case - keep an eye on your cat to notice any changes...
Weight gain is usually normal but sometimes it may not be.
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