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Update is Itraconozole is the best oral med with less side effects than Grisofulvin. Fine for kittens.

Now I just have to get the breeder who sold me a kitten with ringworm to pay for my vet bills...
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Originally Posted by kittymcG View Post
All advice I have been given says I should expect that the other cat will get it and so will I...

Any advice?
You will get plenty of advice here, so I won't give much, just one a couple: stay calm, and keep loving your baby. Stop googling, searching on the internet, etc, as you will get completely paranoid. Ringworm sucks, but it is not as bad as it sounds.

I had a cat with ringworm, and treated her topically with miconazole 3 or Colloidal Silver - never gave baths, never EVER oral meds (to prevent liver damage). After a while I just stopped treating the spots. I liked Colloidal Silver much better as it was way easier on the skin...

It is not common for a person with normal immune system to get it badly (if at all, being somewhat careful), and when a person do get it it is very easily treated with athlete's foot meds, or miconazol (yeast infection cream). The spots clear in a few days.

I never got it and and have since introduced two cats to the household; none of them got it either.

Something else: Isolating the kitten is useless - the spores are microscopic, and go on the air vents, on your clothes, etc. Plus, you want a kitty with a strong immune system and an isolated kitty can get pretty stressed out. Anyways, Good luck... In the end all is going to be fine... Good luck again!
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