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HELP! Can I induce labour?

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My kitty is heavily heavily pregnant, she has been snooping around looking for a nest for the past two weeks, it's really frustrating because I just want it over and done with.
I took her to the vet last thursday and he said that she was producing milk and would be giving birth very very soon, but I have no little mewling kittens still!
Is there something I can do to hurry things along?
She is three day past her due date (according to the vet) and she has no signs of actually wanting to deliver.
What should I do?
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Some cats take longer than others but if you are very concerned and mom is showing signs of distress, go back to the vet and ask for oxytoxin injections. You may be off in date calculation or she may just want more time to incubate. However, as a breeder it is my firm belief that cats will deliver when they will and if she's NOT showing any signs of distress, leave her be for a couple more days.
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When Ziggy was pregnant, she didn't show any signs of wanting to give birth. She would just lay around, and I was getting a bit woried because she was soooo big. In the end, I was preparing a shower and I went into my sons room to sort his clothes out, and he was looking under the bed. So I looked too, and there was Ziggy with two kittens!!! The other two followed soon after.

I agree with Abymummy that she will have them when she is ready. If she becomes particularly distressed then take her back to the vet.

She'll deliver when you least expect it.
Look out for the waters breaking..... if she hasn't had them within 14 hours, take her to the vet?

When do we get to see a picture of your kitty?
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Thanks guys!
I noticed today that she is "waxing", the little plug like thing in the end of her nipple. I don't know if that gives an idea of how much longer she will be though.
Maybe the vet was off or something.
She doesn't seem to be antsy or in distress. She did jump out of an open window today so im worried that maybe her water broke while she was outside. But she seems normalish, appart from being pregnant.

Here is a photo of my kitty Cleo, pre-pregnancy.

She used to be a stray, the people nextdoor found her at the dump when she was a kitten and they didn't want her anymore so they basicaly dumped her on me. I didn't mind though, she is beautiful to me!
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Cats can go 63-68 days, sometimes up to 70. If she was a stray, its hard to really know exactly when she mated. How many days do you and the vet think it is?

Unless she's in hard labor and not producing a kitten, then she should be ok.

And please keep her confined to one room where she cannot get outside. Also she needs to be kept inside after the kittens are born, cause she can get pregnant while nursing kittens.
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Everyone has given great advice, I will just repeat to please keep her contained strictly inside until her kittens are done nursing and she can be spayed. She can get pregnant again right away after giving birth and you don't want another accident. ven set up her spay appointment now fo9r 10 weeks after the babies are born so you will be all set and can start saving up, just don't let her outside at all until then.
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