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Introducing a kitten....

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Hi guys I have a question and hopefully someone on here can offer me some advice, although im pretty certain on the best way to go about this....

In 2 weeks Im getting a Devon Rex kitten, I currently already have a 2yr old shih tzu (she has lived with a kitten before and was fine), a 1yr old mini daxi who is very boisterous and the shih tzu's 10 month old son who is pretty much scared of his own shadow!!!

All my dogs are REALLY well trained as I spend at LEAST an hour with each dog running through basic obedience and what not. As I said im pretty sure of the "best" way to introduce my GORGEOUS baby girl into my home but I wanted some more suggestions anyway seeing as though ive NEVER owned a cat before...or been owned by one as the case may be!
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I'll move this to care and grooming for you so you can get some advice
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thanks as i said im new on here so i dont know what goes where haha
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The most important thing is to show the dogs that you're alpha, and that the cat is not a toy. If they try to chase the cat, punish the dog and give affection to the cat. If they see you interacting kindly with the cat, and they're not trying to be alpha over you, they will be much more likely to accept the cat as part of the pack (rather than as lunch).
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Congrats on the rex I had Cornish

Since your dogs are small, I'd kennel the dogs so they don't get too excited. Do normal introductions and isolation. Put the kitten in his/her own room with litter pan, food/water and let him stay there for at least a week.

Expect hissing and swatting from the cat to the dogs when introduced face to face. After a few days, bring the cat out of the room and have the dogs in their crates. Let the kitten approach the dogs in his terms. If everyone seems calm enough, take the best behaved dog out first and put on a leash for total control. Put the dog in a down stay position and watch the reactions.

Do NOT allow either dog to chase the kitten at all. Devons are not that big and the dogs could think of the cat as prey for awhile. Do not allow them to be alone together till you can completely trust the dogs and cat together.

Charlie was kept in the library room for several weeks. Within 2-3 days of coming home I let him see Keno face to face. She's a lab and she had to stay in a down position as Charlie would be too overwhelmed at a lab standing over her. Keno loves cats/kittens and was trustworthy in a short time. Charlie was not that afraid of the dog. They were friends by the end of the week.
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Thanks for the advice guys (btw Charlie is toooooooo handsome!!)

It was quite interesting yesterday, there is a large ginger tom that lives next door to me. He's a lovely cat and loves a cuddle. He was walking along the back fence, and while the dogs barked a little, they didnt seem to phased. And when I called them back none of them had any hesitation to leave the cat....I was impressed!

I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes.....one week to go!!!
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