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Celebrating Kitty's Birthday, Adoption Day, Both?

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Do you celebrate your cat's birthday? Do you celebrate their adoption day? Both? Do you even know your cat's birthday?

I'm just curious (and bored....well, more like procrastinating on other things).

What do you do to celebrate?
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Birthdays only - I'm lucky enough to know both of their birthdays. The parrot's birthday is estimated though - we celebrate his 7th birthday today, and Sonic's first birthday is tomorrow - busy week!
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We celebrate birthdays, and even though several of my cats were strays and we dont know their real birthday, we still give them a special day. We only have one dog and one cat that we KNOW when their birthday is. The others just gets days that are close to when they would have been born.

Actually yesterday was Mew's 6th birthday.
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Birthday's mainly, but also adoption day in a smaller way (ie I don't insist my family buy them presents on adoption day!). I dont' know Jaffa's exact birthday but I know he was approx 8 weeks when I got him so I chose a date about 8 weeks earlier and he celebrates his birthday then. But we also have a special tea on adoption day I know Mosi's birthday (xmas eve ) so we celebrate that day. I brought him home on my birthday so when I celebrate my birthday Mosi gets to share in the celebrations too as it's his adoption day.
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I don't know Chynna's birthday and I don't remember the day she came to live with me. I know it was sometime in May 1993. I estimated her to be about 1 year old at that time.

I know Abby's birthday though! She was born on June 19th, 1998 and was 4 months old when she came to live with me in October.
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I was going to celebrate both. I celebrated Ziggy's birthday on the 22nd September. We adopted her on 9th November last year. Unfortunately, she didn't make it for us to celebrate her adoption day, although I wil sil lay flowers on her memorial spot.

Links adoption day and birthday are on the same day, as he was Ziggys kitten. He will get a double celebration on that day!! Two cakes, two sets of toys.......

Natalie.... Why don't you celebrate the whole of May!!
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I know my cats birthdates so that's when I plan to celebrate (all are under 1yr).
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I used to celebrate Mitten's birthday (what we thought it was). He was my first cat. But many cats later, I tend to forget its their birthday. They get enough treats and are spoiled anyway
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We remember all 8 of our cats birthdays We make sure to get them a new toy & feed them a treat when its their bday : Although the other cats play with the toy & get a treat on that day also...
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I don't know either of their exact birthdates. Frankie was late June of 98 and Wickett was Jan of 05. We don't celebrate those or adoption/gotcha days... they are both spoiled on a daily basis anyway. Plus, I don't remember the exact days I adopted them either. I could figure out Frankie's (we found her on the last friday in June 1998) but Wickett I don't remember... only that it was spring (April maybe).
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Just birthdays!
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Because he was a stray/feral, I only know his approximate birthday.

So...Adoption Day!
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Birthday for milky!
and gotcha day for Catulina!
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I know when the babys birthdays are and since Easy was a kitten herself, when she had them, I just add a year for her and celebrate on the same day. Our dog's age is approximate (even though he did come from a breeder but his previous owner didnt know his Birthday), so he wont feel left out, we celebrate his Birthday with the cats, too, all on the same day
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I only celebrated Beau's birthday, because I knew when it was.
The others was their gotcha day.
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Tosh and Snickers we got as kittens so we only celebrate their birthdays. Oreo and Jazz we celebrate their adoption days since we don't know their birthdays.
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