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2 Cats For Sale!

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Oh Boy what a nite it is. Currently 2:45 am and i'm awake cause I work overnights and am very accustomed to staying up late.

I was gone all day so they were locked in my room. Well i'm getting the pay back big time now. I understand they need to get rid of the energy and beat each other up but come on guys its 2:45 in the morning, you have both been running like idiots for at least 30 minutes now please stop soon....boyfriend & roommate are both sleeping.

There is a very sneaky tortie that is causing some major trouble with a lil black and white tux who thinks it is A OK to run around the apartment like maniacs. The hallway into the living room and then into the kitchen, sliding head first into the oven is not the Indianapolis Speedway. And most importantly WORM there is no reason to be screaming your head off while running around, please watch where you are going that horrendous BONKING noise of your head bouncing off the wall doesnt sound so great. It is not very nice to steal moms glow sticks just because they fit nicely in your mouth and you can run with them really quickly. Behind the entertainment center is not a hiding place Worm, just because you can escape from Kricket doesnt mean your not going to get your butt beat by me! The roommates leather jacket is not your new spot the beat each other up on either. Biting the cardboard box doesnt hurt it Worm, it just hurts your teeth, so stop it. (also hurts my ears) Kricket holding the box still for him and making sure hes doing it right isnt helping either. Finally no matter how many times you try to get the invisible thing between the couch cushions your just swatting at air.

Can you both please take one of the before you end up for sale!
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hahahaha that is one of the funniest things ive ever read!
adorable kitties by the way!
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Sounds like an energetic crew you have there! Don't you wonder how they can run headfirst into the wall and not be hurt?!
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