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I moved

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ok so here is what happened. my b/f and i broke up. i had to move into my brothers grandparents house for a few days until i find a more permanent place to live. of course my cat came with me. one of the reasons i came to my brothers was bc i couldnt find anyone else that would let me bring him too. so he has to stay in my brothers room while we are here bcause of their birds and ferrets. i bought all of his toys and his dishes and his favorite blanket and his stuffed animals. i have them all in the room with him along with his liter box and a couple of my belongings as im sleeping in his room too on an air matress. since this is only temporary, will it freak him out again when we move again? he seems to be settling in fine. when we first got here he hissed at my bro which suprised me since he has only hissed once before. he spent the rest of the night exploring the room and i showed him his litterbox is still the same and i gave him food as soon as we got here and he ate a good amount, then i gave him some treats for being a good boy, then he did some more exploring and now is sleeping. it seems like he is taking it ok, but im not really sure how they act in a situation like this. any advice on how i can make him feel more comfortable?
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As he seems fine, I wouldn't move again too soon, although I know it'll probably take you a little while to find a place of your own. I'm sure your cat won't appreciate being in one room for too long either, although he seems comfy enough so far, it'll start to get to him, creating a new problem.

Provided you take all the same things with you when you go, and obviously he will still have you, he should be okay. He'll be much happier have more than one room to roam.
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i really dont want to have him stuck in one room either, i feel bad he is only used to being confined to my room at night then he has free roam of the house during the day. but they told me as long as the bird and the ferrets arent out then he can come out and roam around. i just bought him out of the room and he is sniffing everything and kinda freaked out cuz of their dog. the dog is afraid of the cat and he ferrets. so he wont go near monster, but monster doesnt know that, hes used to my Lab, but they have a cocker spaniel, he keeps poofing up and arching his back. i dont think he knows its a dog bc its so small.
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i also forgot to mention that they also have a cat, but she only comes inside at night. she has a little history behine her and i wanna tell you guys about her bc it makes me so sad about the way she was treated before my brother took her away for her horrible owner. she is a beautiful white cat and she has yellow eyes, i think DMH but it could be DLH, im not sure. apparently, the guy across the street had a girlfriend who got a cat, i dont know how she was treated when the girlfriend was around, but the girlfriend moved away and left her cat with the guy who didnt want her. so he put her out. and according to my bro, he has other cats, that are aloowed in the house but they also go outside. he would put 2 cans of wet food out for her ONCE A WEEK. and she barely even got to eat any of it cuz the ohter cats would scarf it down and not even let her eat. she was really skinny, and now she is a fatty girl, which any other time i would be concerned. i feel that she deserves it since she was abused her whole life. she was also shot a couple of times. despite the way humans have treated her in the past she really is a sweet girl, who loves attention. she is always purring and while she still doesnt look that great, she is very beautiful. my brother and his grandparents take great care of her, and i love them for the compassion that they have shown this cat, who meant nothing to them at first.
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