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My traveling and my cats

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Hi everyone, I'm realtively new here and wondered if anyone else here does a lot of traveling and is forced to leave their cats for a few days alone? I have two little guys, 6 months old so ever since I got them they have been accustomed to me being gone for three or four days at a time. When I come home they are always right there to greet me, don't act any different and LUCKILY haven't destroyed anything in the house. Yeah, a couple of things here and there, but nothing you wouldn't expect from a couple of kittens. I'm fortunate in that I do have a friend who comes to check on them every couple of days while I'm gone, fills up their food dishes, gives them fresh water and scoops out the litter. Just curious with other's experiences in leaving your cats or kittens routinely. I'm thinking that if I've gotten them used to this while they are so young, it shouldn't be a problem going forward. Luckily my travels usually happen during one portion of the year (August-December) and other months I'm usually home all the time.
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We travel quite a bit, but my rule is to never leave Jack alone for more than one night at a time. Any more than that and I have a petsitter come in every day. I can't relax when I'm away knowing that if something happened to him no one would be there to help. He's my baby!

Jack doesn't like when we're all gone and is stand-offish and very vocal when we get home (Jack never meows if he's content).
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I would look into automatic feeders and an automatic litterbox. I'd be uncomfortable not having the litterbox scooped everyday because I don't want my cat to choose to go elsewhere.

Leave lots of toys!

There are lots of pet sitters you could use that would come everyday.
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