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What does your kitty bring?

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Besides her love, affection, trust and devotion, my kitty Daisy brings me a lighter or pen (just little gifts) from my brother's room sometimes. She'll go off on a hunt and dart around in his room when he's not home. Pretty soon I'll hear her meowing with her catch. She'll come into my room and meows and meows with the object between her teeth and then drops it near my bed like a toy and looks at me expectantly. It's so cute.
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Tiger likes to bring things with strings. He also likes to take off with stuff too. Once he look off with my bra dragging it behind him.
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My kits don't bring me gifts at all.

Instead, Ferris steals ALL my hair ties.
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toys toys toys toys,
heyu has been knowen to bring me a grasshopper, and mostley dead spiders,
that she seems to think she is supposed to bring to bed how i am sleeping.
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Beauty doesn't bring me anything because she doesn't hunt. She's more scared of birds than they are of her, for example.
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My Frisco is a little thief! When he was a kitten he would steal my socks and hide them in his cat scratcher.
Now he steals my pens/pencils/hair bands/jewlery/fish food/Q-tips... etc.

The only thing he "brings" me would be his toys when he wants to play.
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Oh let me count the ways:
Oreo brings me multiple mini-stuffed animals that she gets from the children's rooms. She also has brought me socks, balls and other cat toys. I could go on and on. She is the one that catches grasshoppers if they dare enter the house. Usually I get a severed head or a left over leg from that. Why thank you, Oreo.
Jazz also brings his toys like his mouse and toy balls. He is bad about taking pencils, q-tips, hair ties and more.
Tosh and Snickers do not bring anything. Oreo and Jazz are the pack rats.
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Tiger likes stealing Q-tips, new tampons out of the box , pens, pencils, anything with strings, shoe laces (he once tried to take off with my boyfriend's shoe, but it was too heavy).
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my 2 keep bringin in either feather's or leafs from outside lol! they r such little monkey's grrr but there so darn cuteee! keep expectin 2 find a bird 1 day amongst the feather's!
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Mice, usually alive (just about) and half the garden on his furry bum!!!

I thought he had chased the mouse into my handbag this morning... little terror. he he.
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I also have the stealing problem. . . Mercury is a little hair tie thief.

As far as things they bring me. . . well there was a mouse one time. . . that they caught IN the house! Oh and grasshoppers, if they get in the house.
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Much will bring me a sweater or other pieces of clothing she has found. Announcing the whole time that she is bringing something downstairs. She will drag it out of the laundry basket so we have to make sure clothes are put away. I finally have left out washcloths so she has something light to carry because sweaters are so big and bulky for her.
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Biscuit brings tufts of her hair,cobwebs that were stuck to her and occasionally a mouse,she cannot kill animals as she 'claps' things rather than swipes,and 'gums' things rather than does any harm with her teeth,so they usually end up running free in the house.
Due to being a very popular lady amongst the hobo tom population here,she has brought in several of them,she hates them but they follow her.
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Mitzi brings me nothing but bites, bites and more bites! But she does like to play with totally random objects, like pens, bottle tops, and even the flusher on the toilet!?!
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Felix, one of my 2 boys brought me a beat up, dead field mouse and dropped it at my feet in my home office.

My back yard faces a field, however, since my guys have their cat enclosure as their outside activity, the mice have to squeeze under any gaps between the enclosure and the ground.

Because of the setup, these guys don't see field mice very often!!!
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Myla will bring me this singing bird.
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