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Please help...

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Good Afternoon!

As most of you know I have a cat named Jackson who is roughly 2years old. He truly is my baby! My Husband and I just welcomed little Oliver1 into our family yesterday a.m.

I have some questions about behavior...

It breaks my heart that Jackson doesn't even purr when we pet him right now. He is ok with oliver. Acouple of hisses but they play well together and he seems to like him for the most part.

Oliver will be eating his OWN food and water and Jackson will come and push him out of the way.

oliver is sooo cute and I wanna just squeeze him but everytime i pet him I feel guilty for not paying more attention to Jackson. I do feel however that we do pay more attention to Jackson to be sure he is not feeling left out.

Is this normal? Will Jackson hate me forever? Is there anything I can do to make him feel better about the Kitten?

Thanks in advance...

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When i brought Sophie home i lost Rosies affection for a year and it broke my heart I persevered and i gave her extra love and attention just so she knew i still loved her, and she finally started to jump back onto my lap and give me loves

The main thing is that Jacksons getting on ok with Oliver, but just make sure that at feeding times Jacksons bowl goes down first, and he gets the treats first etc...

Sophie as little as she was used to leave her food and push in on Rosie's and she used to let her and walk away, so then i had to sit in the kitchen while they ate and if Sophie went to Rosie's bowl i used to move her back to her own

Hang in there because you've done the right thing by getting him a little friend, and he'll be better for it
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Don't worry, he is just a little upset with you bringing in a new member to the family. It sounds like they are doing great so far, just encourage him that he is still number one and try to stimulate some interactive play amongst both and you, a teaser or feather toy.......... Before you know it, they will be inseparable and you will being saying "what about me!?"
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Some cats don't purr. Don't worry about it. Doesn't mean anything.
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