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Need suggestions for white cat names r/o

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Hello all, we just adopted a darling white female cat from a local rescue this weekend and are in need of a name. In searching the web for some information I ran across your site and thought I would register so I can talk with and get ideas from some other cat lovers.

More details, she is small, about 1 year old, thin (can't tell yet if it is due to her breed or just that she needs some lovin'). She has one blue eye and one yellow/blue mixed eye (in case that helps w/ any ideas about a name).

Looking forward to getting to know all you other kitty lovers.

Thanks much! razl
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Hi Razl! I LOVE your screen name! Thank you for rescuing a kitty! Is this your first? We have LOTS of advice here!

As to the name - a lot of people here have needed name suggestions, so someone started a thread on just that subject (actually, I think there have been a couple). Give me a few minutes here, and I'll see what I can drag up here for you.

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Found it! Also found a thread about favorite nicknames. Here's a link to the "names" thread: Favorite Cat Names,

and here's a link to the nicknames thread: Cat Nicknames

Let us know what you decide!!! BTW - there are lots of white kitty lovers here, so feel free to post a pic if you can!

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Isabella white
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...or Q-Tip - and you can call her Cutie!
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Originally posted by LDG
...or Q-Tip - and you can call her Cutie!


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Hmm, small, skinny, white and wall eyed. Sounds like Bowie is the only name that'll fit just right!

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LMAO@Bowie......... very clever!!!
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Congratulations on yur new cat. I have a pure white cat named Sasha. Good luck!
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Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions and warm welcome to the board. We have narrowed things down to Tiki, Bela, Nilla and Marbles (this isn't including all the names the kids came up with). We are trying to choose a name that fits her personality and are still getting to know her.

Vikki, is your "dual-color" kitty deaf? Ours is. We also have another deaf cat that has both yellow eyes. They are just getting to know each other, but I think they will get along just fine.

I'll have to post another update as they get to know each other and also post some other info. in the "newbies" area about the cats in our household.
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[quote]Originally posted by razl
"We have narrowed things down to Tiki, Bela, Nilla and Marbles (this isn't including all the names the kids came up with)."

My little one is Tiki! When I adopted her, I wanted to change her name...but we ended up with some funny nicknames that came from Tiki. For example, when she is being "naughty" she gets her full name...Tiki LaRue. I have no idea how LaRue came about...but it's stuck! Other nicknames that we call her are Tikin, Tequila, Tia and Baby Girl (she's the littlest of my 3).

As for other names that you might use...I'll have to think a little harder and I'll get back to ya!
Good luck with the new furbabe!
oh...please post pictures! WE LOVE PICTURES!! YAY!
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Tiki is Harry's girlfriend, Tiki is Harry's girlfriend!!!
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Harry is Tiki's studmuffin! She's so happy she's found such a manly man...
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Darn it...I just can't think of any really good and creative names right now! I must be having a major brain fart or something! LOL!
The only names that I've came up with are Shilo and Star (I just thought they were cute...they really don't have anything to do with her white coat though).
If I think of any more, I'll post em!
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Welcome to the cat site. I have two white cats named Gus & Homer. (long story). How about Snowflake? You'll fit right in around here and get lots of advice and helpful hints. Good luck with your new cat.
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Welcome! Tiki, Bela, Nilla are real good. I think Marbles is too long, cause I heard that two syllable names are best for cats, they can understand it better I think. I like Nilla best.
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Shimmer Crystal Angel Pixie Pearl I'll think of more later
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How bout going completely opposite and naming the cat "black"?

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My cat isn't completely white but we named him Snowball (that's his picture that you see in my signature). A couple of other name suggestions are Blizzard and Frosty.
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