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What Color is this cat?

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Can anyone tell me what color this cat is?

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Maybe a "torbie" or Patched Tabby?
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I don't know, but she is beautiful, she is so fluffy
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I think she is a long haired or semi longhaired torbie. Correct me if I am wrong.
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I'd say patched tabby.
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I should mention, I meant Torbie a.k.a. Patched Tabby. They are one in the same, however, on Petfinder, you must list them as Torbie because patched tabby is not an option.
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What color? Well, that's one gorgeous brown tabby, the way I perceive...!
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Its either a brown or a blue patched tabby maine coon. One picture looks blue, one looks brown, so I'm not sure with the lighting.
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Brown Patched Tabby - I wouldn't call her a Maine coon tho...
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She's a gorgeous brown patched tabby, I do believe! Her coat looks very thick like a Persian has.
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Maybe she's a maine coon x persian cross - the body is pretty long for a persian
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She does have a long body, she's built like my Riley but she's very small. She is about 3 yrs old and I'm guessing maybe 7 pounds at the most. She isn't underweight though, just tiny.

I thought brown patched tabby at first, but she really does have a lot of what appears to be silver and is much lighter than the other patched tabby we had Comparing the two, they seem like 2 diff color cats, in person anyways. I will try to get better pictures of her coloring. Thanks!
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Blue cats are really hard to get pictures of the proper color. You have to have the right lightening if its a questionable blue shade. I'm sure in person, we could really tell right away if its a blue or brown patched tabby
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