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New Cat

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Hey all,

I got a cat yesterday evening from my friend, who had to move back home and couldn't take her cat with her. I grew up with cats, but this is my first cat on my own, and so far he hasn't taken the readjustment well. I know he's been through a few moves in his life, but since he's came here he's been hiding all the time. He burrows in blankets, and if he comes up he'll just run around the apartment for a few minutes meowing until he finds a new place to hide.

We have a little room set up for him, with his old litterbox and food/water, but he hasn't shown any interest. Last night he hid under my bed, and I found him hiding in a kitchen cabinet this morning. I tried giving him wet food last night, and he wasn't intereasted and this morning I gave him dry food and I even left it in his cabinet, but he hasn't touched it.

He doesn't seem to mind if we pet him while he's hiding. How can we make this easier for him?
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Just leave him alone for a few days to let him adjust to his new surroundings. Don't force him out of hiding.

I would even suggest putting him in one room with litter on one side and food/water on the other. You could spend time in the room talking quietly to him or reading aloud, have a radio playing for him. He'll gradually feel safe enough to come out. Once he's less shy, then perhaps leave the door open so he can come and go if he wishes to.

We had one sweet baby that it took us a month to get to the point he was comfortable and then he was a true lap cat.

Keep an eye on the food - to make sure he is eating at least when you aren't around.
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My guy was the same way... be patient.. I would literally have to listen for the munching when I went to bed and the scratching in the litterbox to make sure he was still here for a few weeks, because I never saw him.
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The advice I've mainly seen is to keep him isolated in one room, with all his essentials, which is what I've done. He seems okay, and I've found he's been using his litterbox, which is good, but he has yet to eat (which is bad). I'm concerned, since it's been almost two days. Any advice?
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Well, there's good news, he's warmed up to me and he doesn't mind playing with me. And he's really cute, and I'm really happy about that...

But the bad news is that he hasn't eaten since he got here, and I think we're starting on day 3. I got him to take a taste of some wet food, but he wouldn't eat it. But tonight, after playing with me, he's just roaming around meowing.... I'm afraid he's really hungry, and I think he just doesn't like what I'm giving him. I even tried giving him some tuna tonight (I know, I know, I looked it up first and I decided that if it's not bad as a treat every once in a while, it would certainly be better than him having nothing in his stomach at all), but he wouldn't touch it. I don't know, but I'm concerned...three days is a while, and I know cat's diets are very important.

I also tried putting a little warm water in his food. I saw that as advice at a few places, because it makes it smell more or something, but it didn't change his mind at all. I'm hoping to get in touch with his previous owner this morning, to see what she was feeding him, but I still think I need advice. Does anyone have any ideas?
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If you're not feeding the same food your friend was, that might be the problem
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It's good to hear your kitty is settling in. The process will continue - and may include eating (well, I guess it had better!) - let's hope it's real soon.

Agree with erinca7821 - unfamiliar food on top of all the other change might be freaking your kitty out a little...whatever she (your friend) was feeding the kitten, try that!

A couple/few things I've had success with in getting cats who are not eating "started" - these are NOT all complete foods but at least they have protein: lactose-free milk at room temp, raw egg yolk, and, finally, kitten kibble (I use Purina) mixed with the water from a can of tuna. I had one cat who would kill for langostinos, but those are expensive!

However, without wanting to seem cold in the slightest, I note that I have never had a healthy cat starve to death when any kind of food was available, whether they loved it or not. My cats HATE the Natural Balance food I got for them (I get three Looks when I try to get rid of another can of it - about once a month and I'm never buying a dozen of ANYTHING again) - but I note that, even with kibble - that they do like - available, the yucky wet food is gone by the end of the day. They manage to force it down, poor deprived things
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