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I am not sure about the shelter, but I know at work we have to have financial statements available but are allowed 72 hours to produce them (for anyone except the government obviously).

I would definitely report that she is living there and that known sick cats were brought in and not quarantined because she lives in the quarantine room, as well as her lack of euthanasia to save money
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I'm so sorry you've been put into this situation. It would be so nice if doing the right thing were always clear or easy, but I think you'll get through this just fine. And I hope you can find a place where your time and help will be appreciated.
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I am so, so sorry you are going through this. It is heartbreaking.

I think though, the sooner you are able to report her the better things will be for the animals. She is out of control, breaking the law, endangering the animals and causing suffering. At this point she has ceased to be a sanctuary for a good number of the cats there.

If you are able to talk to the SPCA and other shelters first as others have suggested that should hopefully give some time to come up with emergency placement for the cats.

Another option is to get the media there to publicize the seizure. Often the public will pitch in with monetary donations and offers of fostering or adoption.

Sending lots of positive vibes your way so things get settled quickly and safely.
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