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Help! I dont know if I am in the right or wrong thread, but I think I have bitten more than I can chew.
As some of you know, we agreed to foster a cat, Penka til we found a home for her. The problem is she is so aggressive that she attacks the baby -Kahu. She wont stop attacking him, the poor thing is absolutely terrified of her. Peedoodle has taken to protecting him but theres so much he can do, and he has no claws while Penka has. I think her agressiveness comes from living in the garage all alone for so long, that she doesnt know how to interact. I dont know if I can find her a home, theres few deaf people around here and I hate the thought of her going into a shelter. I am at my wits end, and I need to protect Kahu.
I hope someone out there can help!

Thanks in advance!
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Hi Mate! I am sure there will be some good advice as to what to do but in the meantime these are my suggestions!

Try the following Bach Flower Remedies -

For Penka

Beech: For the cat who has no tolerance for another animal or certain people. Effective w/walnut to assist in keeping the peace between 2 cats who always seem to be fighting.

Cherry Plum: For very aggressive animals that may seem to be uncontrollable.

And for Kahu

Aspen: For skittishness. Very nervous and easily frightened.

Larch: Effective in helping animals that lack self-confidence. Low animal in pecking order.

Mimulus: For fears of specific non-threatening things such as water, cars, other animals, strangers, etc. Generally very timid.

Nature's Rescue Remedy: Appropriate for any kind of accident, illness, or injury your cat may experience. Whenever a cat seems to be experiencing unusual stress.

Perhaps you can put Penka in a room for a little while till they all get used to each other again! The remedies may help!
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