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New game

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Kenai and Kahuna have a new game. While Kenai is asleep, Kahuna will creep up to her and lay down next to her paws. His whiskers will tickle the pads of her feet and Kenai will twitch in her sleep as if she is chasing rabbits. Kahuna will then tentatively lick Kenai pads, and Kenai will jerk awake. I think she is ticklish. She will curl her lip up in disgust at this sleek Siamese mix that dared to wake her after a long day of playing stick, and kong out in the fields. Kahuna will yawn, and stretch his long body, reach over and nip the tip of Kenai's tail. Then he will skeedaddle down the hallway with Kenai hot after him. They both will slide on the rugs in the hallway, and Kahuna will slide down underneath the bed. All that we can see of Kenai by that time is her rump and her tail (that is wagging) as she moves around the edge of the bed wondering why her German Shepherd frame won't quite fit underneath. Kahuna will by this time be on top of the bed, having crawled up near the wall and be on the pillow. (I think he is laughing) When Kenai realizes that Kahuna got the best of her, she pulls her head out and looks quite sheepish. Then she shakes herself as if to say this is not a dignified way for a dog to act, and she will turn around without so much of a glimpse at Kahuna and come back and lie at our feet. Once she is sound asleep, here comes Kahuna the trouble maker and the game resumes.
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Now thats cute. I take it that they 'tolerate' one another?
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now that is something I wish I could see!

I bet it's adorable. I love watching my cats play together. nothing else brings me such pure joy.
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Isnt that the sweetest thing. I know when my babies do stuff like that, it's hard not to giggle. I get warm fuzzies and wonder what I would ever do without them.
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Hissy; What fun to watch!
Unfortunately, I cannot have my dogs inside, but when they do get upstairs by mistake, the cats skedaddle and the dogs think it is great fun to watch them slip and slide down the long hardwood hallways trying to get away. It reminds me of the commercial that says. "Fact: cats don't come with brakes. . . . "

Once when the dogs got into the kitchen, Muddy Rivers ran and jumped up on the counter, slid the entire length of it, trying to put on her brakes and ended up falling into the tall plastic garbage can at the end! It was one of those with the flip top entry, so she popped in but couldn't jump out with out someone to hold the flip top in! (open) It totally confused her. . . . .
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Oh Hissy what a cute story!!! So was yours threeleggedkat!!!
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