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Originally posted by Kiwideus
i recommend the japanese version of the ring.
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the ring was adapted from the japanese version (dont worry it has subtitles) and its better.
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I had no idea there was another version, and then I'm wondering how you would know how to speak Japanese!!

Thanks for clarifying....I think I need some caffeine!

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i think it's called Ringu.

i can't wait to see Moonlight Mile.
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I rented The Ring last night, and was rather underwhelmed. It reminded me of two movies I love, one of which definately was out before either the US or Japanese version. The first is The Changeling , starring George C. Scott. GREAT psychological horror/thriller movie, and there are two scenes that STILL give me the creeps although I've seen it so many times. The second is A Stir of Echoes, starring Kevin Bacon, which came out around the same time as The Sixth Sense, and got lost at the theaters. If you love a thinking person's horror film, look these two up.
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I want to get some new dvds. I got feardotcom and it scared me!! I don't think i'll ever watch it again
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oh, i loved The Changeling too, Christy.

i was also unimpressed by The Ring, it just seemed to drag on and on for me and it certainly wasn't as scary as i was expecting, though there were some terrifying images.
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i loved a stir of echoes too.

i will have to look up the changeling - how old is it?
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I liked Stir of Echoes, too. The Ring gave me the creeps, but it wasn't really scary.
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I think I'll rent Stir of Echoes tomorrow (I like Kevin!).

Does anyone know whether While Oleander was any good?
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i was thinking about white oleander, and wondering if it was worth renting out.
stir of echos has been on telly so many times, im surprised you havent seen it.
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i thought White Oleander was just awful, i could barely sit through it... though i did read the book before i saw the film.

poor acting, poor script.
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stir of echoes is on TNT tomorrow night if you wanted to see it.
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Personally, i love the black/white ones.. classic movies are my favorites!

One movie that always stay close to my heart is:


stands for:

seal With A Loving Kiss

i believe it is a British production, with young Mark Lester. The songs were written and sung by the Bee Gees, and it is really well-made, very sweet and tender.

Go Check it out!!


:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
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i love the movie sabrina with audrey hepburn, shes such a sweet actress.
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i will have to look up the changeling - how old is it?

It was made in 1980. I don't know if it's available at most video stores, but it is available on VHS and DVD from Amazon.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
stir of echoes is on TNT tomorrow night if you wanted to see it.
I don't have TNT! Oh well!

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I saw Daredevil today. It was pretty much what I expected, lots of action and an ok story. I liked it.
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I watched Brotherhood of the Wolf last night. Oh my, it was BAD! Not one thing was really bad, but there were a bunch of little things that I disliked that all added up. The dubbing sounded like the people were reading in a phone booth and told to be emotionless. There was a lot of usage of the Matrix-like weird camera speeds and angles, not only for the action sequences, but for the WHOLE movie. The hero was bland and the heroine was annoying. I got so fed up with it that I fast-forwarded through the last 1 1/2 hours of the movie. After saying all this, I hope it's not someone's favorite movie here
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we saw 8 mile last night, and it was alright, i enjoyed it.

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we rented Abandon last night, and i must say, it was entertaining.

but it wasn't a thought-provoking film.

i was layed up in bed on muscle relaxants and my heating pad and it was perfect for my mood, which was, i don't want to think about anything, just entertain me & make me forget i can't move!
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Abandon sounds familiar - whats it about?
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it just came out, it stars Katie Holmes and Benjamin Bratt.

it's a suspense/mystery type movie.

Benjamin Bratt plays a dectetive who's trying to find a missing kid (Katie's ex-boyfriend, Embry) who's been 'missing' for two years, and the tale just unfolds from there.

i still have it, wanna drop by and borrow it ?!

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that sounds good to me!
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The Mrs. & I rented and watched The Ring last night.

Crap! What an eerie movie! I'm still not sure I completely "get it", but its rather disturbing with little to no gore but a few good jumps in it. It left the opportunity for a sequel not so subtly, but since it was based on the Japanese movie Ringu and there's already a sequel for that...

I just hope after that, the rest of it makes some sort of sense...

"seven days..."
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Saw The Time Machine today...I was surprisingly pleased with it. The movie didn't get the greatest reviews, and won't win any Oscars, but the story (until the last 10 or 15 minutes) was engrossing. There were some small little scenery/soundtrack details that were really cool. Guy Pearce did very good in his role as the time traveler. So, if your looking for a good sci-fi/adventure story to watch on a Saturday afternoon, I would recommend this one.
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Bill - my friends and I rented 'The Ring' Friday night as well. I think I was a bit disappointed in it. Everyong kept telling me how scary and disturbing it was... and I really didn't find it scary at all. It WAS confusing though... I have a lot of questions that I don't know the answers to... and their little option on the DVD to go deeper into the ring didn't clear up any of them.
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Originally posted by okeefecl
Guy Pearce did very good in his role as the time traveler.
and he certainly isn't hard on the eyes, either
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I've been catching up on movies lately, on video. I watched The Road to Perdition last night, liked it. Tom Hanks is such a great actor, who'd have thought that after his start on Bosom Buddies! Paul Newman and Jude Law were great, too.

Recently saw The Recruit. Al Pacino is amazing, but the movie was kind of predictable.

Welcome to Collinwood--very offbeat humor, but I liked it. I don't like typical, stupid humor (like Jim Carrey). This one was not like that, so I enjoyed it.

Going to see The Hulk later today. Dan has been dying to see it ever since he first heard they were making a movie. That was a few years ago.

One of my problems with movies is they tend to follow the same formulas. I can usually guess what's going to happen, there really aren't many truly great films anymore. Most of them are mediocre at best, but I still love to watch.

Looking forward to The Pirates of the Caribbean (Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom ) and Seabiscuit.
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