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Yesterday we had to take 5month old Marcel to the vets to be neutered. She said that at 3,150kg we had to start watching his weight, especially after the neutering, to make sure he didn't increase his risk of getting bladder crystals/blockages. We also have a 6yr old and normally I keep their dry food bowls fullish and give wet food once a day. Really they can eat as much as they like (bad cat moma i know!)

She suggested that I start following the guidelines on the package for how much to feed them, George is an indoor/outdoor cat as will Marcel be. The dry food suggests 60g for Marcel and 90g for George, this obviously doesn't include wet food. Can I also add one pouch a day to this or should I then deduct some dry food? Also she said to feed them twice a day and take away what they don't eat.

George has now started drinking a fair amount from his bowl in the house. I don't know if he always drank this much and I never saw it but I think it's about half a cup a dayish, is this a normal amount?

Grrr trying to keep their food seperate and keeping Marcel in but still allowing George to use his flap freely in a really small apartment is really tricky!! Any tips?

Thanks all!