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I'm reading anything I can get my hands on.
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I'm reading several books, as usual. I am almost finished with Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Fiction--juvenile science fiction, but I like it. I like to read kids books to keep up with what they like, important in my job, and because they are usually very well written.

I am also reading a book called Restevac, by Jean-Robert Cadet. It's about child slavery in Haiti. The sad thing is, the events in the book happened in the 1960s and 70s. It is a memoir, and quite appalling. The amazing thing is Jean-Robert was able to overcome a horrific childhood and grow up to be a writer and professor. It's a very eye-opening book.

The other book I am reading is Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlen. I really like it, it's odd to read sci-fi from the 60s and earlier. The technology in the book is so advanced, but the social structure isn't.
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I am reading Diana Gabaldon's series. WOW! They are soo good! I'm on the fourth book. You know what's even more cool about that? SHE'S COMING TO MY TOWN!! To do a book reading and signing! AND I HAVE TO WORK!!!!! it's just not fair
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I just took a trip to the used bookstore since sadly I had NOTHING to read. So I picked up Airframe by Michael Crichton and a historical romance novel by Beatrice Small. I'm really hoping Airframe is good!
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I think I've read Airframe... It sounds really familiar. I know Micheal Crichton did The Lost World - I have that book.

I hope it's a good book for you!
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Yeah. I just read Timeline and loved it. Crossing my fingers that the movie does the book justice!!!

My brother got me into Michael Crichton. I plan to read more of his stuff.
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Under the Banner of Heaven, by John Krakauer (Into the Wild, Into Thin Air). It's a nonfiction work about renegade Mormon fundamentalists in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and how their practice of polygamy involves child abuse, inbreeding, and often incest. It's a "true crime account", in that it treats a 1984 Utah double murder committed by two zealots, and a look at the history of the Mormon faith. It doesn't bash average LDS, but explores religious fanaticism in general.
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How is that, jcat? I've read Into the Wild, and Into Thin Air is one of my favorites. I've been waiting for Under the Banner of Heaven to get off the waiting list at the library.

I just finished Mystic River, and hope to get to the library today to pick out some new books. Most of the ones that I want to read right now are new releases and have a pretty long wait. I'm hoping The Lovely Bones will be available.
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The book is fascinating and hard to put down - definitely one I'll hold onto to read again later. I liked The Lovely Bones, though the subject matter was a bit strange.
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I just re-read the first 3 books of Stephen Kings Dark tower
series since I'm finally buying the 4th book next week.

I also re-read the Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel
(one of my favorite books, I've probably read it 10+ times,
have 2 copies of it since my paperback started falling apart
from being read so much lol) I have all 5 of the books
for the Earth Children series but the first if my Favorite.

Now I'm reading Dean Koontz From the corner of his eye,
so far it's already made my cry, laugh and really think.
His books are usually really good so I'm pretty sure
i'll like the rest of this one as much as I already do.
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This is such a great thread. I am always looking for new authors!
My favorite authors include Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson and Lillain Jackson Braun. I am currently reading a book by an author I just discovered, Tess Gerritson. She writes medical thrillers, very good so far.
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Right now... I am reading Mystic River by Doug Lahane for the TCS book club
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Recently finished The Elder Gods by David and Leigh Eddings.

And now I've started Galileo's Daughter.
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I've just finished "The Apprentice", so I had to make a trip to the book store last night for a few more books. I started "Black Water" last night.
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Mags, I have Galileo's Daughter in my to read soon pile. I did read a little bit of it, it's good. It's a shame that none of Galileo's letters to his daughter survived, the nuns burned them after her death, since he at the time was excommunicated.
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Dear friends

I am reading this book called The Magic Of Thinking Big. I've never been interested in motivational books before but last year I just started and have been reading one per month. Since then I now perceive the world with different eyes and a clearer mind. I recommend these books because they may help you like they have helped. I also enjoy reading fiction and mystery, I read a variety of books. Thankyou for your time and have a great day.
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Hmmm... I just finished a bunch of great books... short-ish novels...

Doris Lessing's "The Fifth Child" and "The Antheap"
May Sarton's "As We Are Now"
Joseph Conrad's "The Secret Sharer"
Stephen Crane's "The Blue Hotel"

... all are really great reads... I recommend highly.
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I am reading Mr. Maybe by Jane Green and I just finished "The Devil Wears Prada. Can't remember the author
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Originally posted by lakeriedog
I just finished "Plague Dogs" by Richard Adams and I highly recommend that one, and am now reading "The Apprentice" by Tess Gerritson.
"The Apprentice ROCKS ! So do the rest of her books.
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I'm doing a December review of cat books: Mewingham Manor by Edwina Von Stetina- There is Eternal LIfe for Animals by Nicki Shanahan- All the Marbles by Dusty Rainbolt- Conquering the Food Chain without Becoming an Animal a humorous look at the animal species...

For fun I am reading Blessing by Anne Quindlan
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I'm reading a fascinating book called Hey, Idiot!: Chronicles of Human Stupidity by Leland Gregory - LOL!

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Just got done rereading 'Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and James Joyce's "The Dead" for two seperate English classes. I think we're going to be reading Mrs. Dalloway soon (ick) for my Brit Lit class.
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Kim - that sounds like a book I would like to read!

I am reading "Who you know" by Theresa Alan.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Kim - that sounds like a book I would like to read!

I am reading "Who you know" by Theresa Alan.
ROTFL, Kellye! It is too funny. Your book sounds interesting, too!

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I am reading a fantasy anthology called Apprentice Fantastic. The 1st short story was very good.
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Originally posted by kimward34
I'm reading a fascinating book called Hey, Idiot!: Chronicles of Human Stupidity by Leland Gregory - LOL!

Hey - who said she could write a book about my life?
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Originally posted by adymarie
Hey - who said she could write a book about my life?
ROTFL!!! I spewed my coffee when I read this!!!
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Sorry! But if the shoe fits......
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I just read my first "cat" book! For some reason even though I love animals and love to read, I've never had an urge to combine the two. A lady that I volunteer with lent me The Cat Who Went to Paris and I finished it the other afternoon and thought it was so cute that I can't wait to read the next two by the same author!

I am also reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon.
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Just finished Mystic River (creepy book that) and Eragon which was actually very very good. Presently reading Moonlight Cafe by Laurell K Hamilton for the millionth time.
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