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im reading about urban legends
and then im gonna read my new book that i picked up last week 'the last days of marilyn monroe', should be an interesting read.
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ugh urban legdens scare me!! i can't read them.
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I forgot to say what i'm reading :LOL: i normally read mary higgins clark books. I love those!!
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I just started Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca Wells- author of The Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Love the book!
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i love the ya ya sisterhood book too - its a LOT better than the movie!
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MA - think you missed my post...

how'd that Dean Koontz book turn out Mary Anne?
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well one of the books i ordered arrived today: Good In Bed by Jennifer Weiner so i'll be starting that tonight

*curls up with book*
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"Judging Time" by Leslie Glass. I just love when the hero's are chicks!
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i just got done reading thru Robert Jordans Wheel of Time series, now am moving on to Arthur Golden's Memoirs of a Geisha
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As soon as the library opens, I'm picking up God Bless the Sweet Potato Queens. Southern gals, with big hair and lots of makeup - gotta love 'em!
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I am currently reading a book I pulled out of a bargain bin at a local drug store. It looked interesting, so for $6 I bought it. It is called "Watch Me" by AJ Horten (at least I think that is the last name), but so far the writing is mediocre. I know why it was in the bin.
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Annabelle, I am re-reading WOT as well! As soon as I had finished Crossroads of Twilight, I started back again at the beginning with Wheel of Time. I just started Crown of Swords last night.

Adymarie: YES! I love Good Omens! Wonderful, hilarious book!!!

I read a lot of sci-fi/fantasy, and am getting started on some civil war history as well.
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Right now I'm reading "Grave Secrets" by Kathy Reichs. I love her books (full of forensics - she's a forensic anthropologist, and not as way-out as Patricia Cornwell's). Her other books are Deja Dead, Death du Jour, Deadly Decisions and Fatal Voyage. I'm also rereading "London" by Edward Rutherford. I liked "Memoirs of a Geisha" - it was different-
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i love kathy reichs, i collect books on forensic anthropology - they are great!
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I've read all a Kathy Reich's books. Just got back from the library and Rita Mae Brown has a new Mrs. Murphy mystery!! Its called [i]The Tail of the Tip Off[/I . I love those books.
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does she incorporate science in her books? i only like mysteries if they have science etc in them.
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I'm re-reading the All Creatures Great and Small series by James Herriot. I've never read All Things Wise and Wonderful (which I just finished - and it is wonderful!), and I've just started The Lord God Made them All.

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The Mrs. Murphy mysteries are just plain fun to read. Mrs. Murphy is a tabby cat and her assistants are Tee Tucker, a Welsh corgi and Pewter, a large gray cat.
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Has anyone else read the Catfantastic anthologies? I believe they are edited by Andre Norton. They are a collection of short fantasy stories with cats as the main protagonists. I highly recommend them!
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I'll have to look for those. I HAVE read the "Cat Crimes" anthologies, though.
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sue.. I *love* WOT.. I have always loved fantasy stuff, the first real book I ever read was the Hobbit back when I was like 7 or something.. In fact when I was in hs we had to write our the name of our favorite book on these things that were hung on the wall, and everyone laughed at me for writing The Lord of the Rings series.. no one knew what it was!! (i bet they do now..).. Who's your favorite wot character?? Out of the guys I love Mat and the women I love probably aviendah or elayne.. I musta read the series like 20 times since I started reading them in 96.. and you KNOW that's a big series to read through lol.. They should make a movie but I don't think it would be able to do the books justice.. (sorry to ramble, it's not common to find wot lovers outside of wot messageboards)
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i'm really enjoying Good In Bed by Jennifer Weiner

still waiting for The Hours by Michael Cunningham to arrive -- anyone else read it ?

it's pouring rain here, maybe i'll spend half the day in the bath and in bed reading.
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Another Robert Jordan fan here! Mat is my favorite male character, too. Faile is my favorite female, one of my cats is named for her.
I have kind of stalled midway through book 8, but it was so I could reread LOTR.

I love mysteries, especially historical mysteries. I just picked up Anne Perry's most recent Monk novel, Death of a Stranger.
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currently reading... what am i reading? ... (i have a few on the go...)

gut symmetries by jeanette winterson

just finished written on the body by the same author and i'm reading a lot of Mary Gaitskill as well.

i imagine a lot of you are reading/have already read the new Harry Potter, i've been meaning to read those books. i read the first one a long time ago, and i was impressed with the writing. i hear she has an incredible way of tying in plots & characters from book to book, a very talented storyteller.

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originally posted by hissy
Just started Dean Koontz's new one By The Light of the Moon- science fiction fans this one is a must! I am just two chapters into it and it is is gooooood...About alien dna injected into two humans...
oohh, I am going to have to get that one.

I havent read anything for a long time and I love to read. I mainly like sci-fi, horror, thriller, romance, and stuff with vampires. I like Laurell K. Hamilton. she created Anita Blake, vampire hunter. just call her the Executioner. she is a necromancer by trade, raising the dead for various family disputes or even court decisions. its told in first person and she does it very well. I also read her first Faery book and need to get the next one.

I have to get Mystic River for the TCS book club, still!
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Right Now I'm reading a book called "Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides, it is ABSOLUTELY the most enthralling book I have read in years! I highly reccommend this to anyone interested in going on a happy, sad, slightly twisted journey through the life of a crazy family!
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Originally posted by amyspear
Right Now I'm reading a book called "Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides, it is ABSOLUTELY the most enthralling book I have read in years! I highly reccommend this to anyone interested in going on a happy, sad, slightly twisted journey through the life of a crazy family!
that one is next on my list ! can't wait to read it.
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I just finished The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger about 15 minutes ago - OMG did I love it! Right before that I read Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I picked up Mystic River last night for the TCS book club, so I will probably read that one next.
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At present i'm reading The #1 Ladies Detective Agaency by Alexander McCall Smith. Then i'll be finishing off The Songcatcher by Sharyn McCrumb.
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I just finished "Plague Dogs" by Richard Adams and I highly recommend that one, and am now reading "The Apprentice" by Tess Gerritson.
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