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I want to purchase quality genuine leather dog & cat collars, leads, dresses, toys and other accessories. Products must be high quality...

Thank in advance!
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Have you tried an internet search... or your local pet store?
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Just a caution. If your dog is light color (yellow, white, etc.) do NOT buy the red leather collars!

We got one for Keno when she first came to us. Was fine for awhile. But when she went swimming in the Mississippi river (actually just going out to fetch in sticks), the collar got really wet from the river.

On the way home I thought she had gotten hurt - her neck was pink! We figured out it was the red leather that bled on her fur. Luckily it came out with Nexxus Simply Silver white shampoo!

But we changed to a nylon collar and soaked it in really hot water and let it dry to be sure no bleeding!
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I too say no red it has been known to perm color the area on certain colors...

Many small pet shops carry or can get a wide vairtiety of leather animal stuff
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