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...eek, there is no image coming up for me.. but thanks for the thought
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I don't see an image either....

Tamme - he has a knee brace and a back brace. He frequently wears both.

Blue - the most amazing thing of all is that he complains so little. So many of the problems were compounded because he was airborne infantry, and has his Master Jumpwings (over 385 jumps). I actually frequently forget he's in pain, which really makes me feel so terrible at times. Gary has so much energy despite the debilitations (is that a word?) - he's almost always "full on," and it's hard to keep up with him. The sad part is when he gets the head attacks - they put my tough guy down on the floor, writhing in pain, "pawing" at his head and vomiting.

But I digress... I didn't write to make you feel sorry for Gary (although I guess it's hard not to feel that way!), but to let you know I understand what you must go through, and there's always an ear for you here, and (gentle) hugs when you need them.

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Laurie, I am so sorry to hear that Gary is troubled with all those problems that cause him pain. I can't imagine how hard it must be to have to watch him cope with it, nor what it's like to live with that kind of pain.

Blue I admire anyone who can live with that disease and still manage to be a caring person!

You both are strong people!!!
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Blue, Has the doctor mentioned the possibility that you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Fibromyalgia is often a symptom of Epstein-Barre, which can come and go. It also causes extreme fatigue in some people. There are certain things, such as paint fumes and the houseplant, Croton, which can set it off. It also causes depression. I would check some sources and speak to the doctor about this possibility. I'll pray for you. You've been through a lot.
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Jeanie G.

i know just about all the information out there on FMS, i must have a million links bookmarked by now, i also have books on FMS & CFS.
(i am obsessive that way... i like to know everything there is to know - when it concerns my health) though i haven't heard of Epstein-Barre...

i do also have CFS, scoliosis, and clinical depression.

i have a pretty good doctor, and great support.
i see a massage therapist, a neurologist & a counsellor.

i am waiting to see a rhuematologist (there aren't many in my area, unfortunatley)

thank you for your concern,
there are bad days, and good.

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My niece, an RN, has Epstein Barre Syndrome, or chronic fatigue, as it is commonly called. It is like a chronic mononucleosis. In my niece's case the fatigue and depression bother her more than the muscle aches. With some patients it's the opposite. When I entered fibromyalgia in google.com, Epstein Barre syndrome came up in every reference. I didn't go beyond the fist page because the first few entries were from chiropractors, and I think you need an M.D. I don't want to steer you in any particular direction; that's a personal choice. You might want to ask your doctor about it.
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Katey, my best friend, has CFS. She takes regular shots of B-12 and gamma globulin. It seems to help her, a bit. Fortunately, she's close to Mexico and can get the meds, cheaply.
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