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oh, blah.

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oh deb, tell me a joke. i have the blah's.

and the blues.

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so the game is called,
"let's see how many smilies i can find that effortlessly describe my complicated mood..."

feel free to join in.

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i wish it were at least 5:00 or 6:00 a.m., and the sun was arriving...,
instead of 2:00 a.m., and this night is stretching before me further than i'd like to see.
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hi there
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something like this you mean? blah
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yah, something like that..

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Blue, When you're up in the middle of the night with a mind that won't shut up and a body that forgot how to relax, get up, turn on some inane old sitcom on Nickelodeon or find a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Don't even stay in bed. Try Tylenol PM and go back to bed in an hour. I've been up with you--usually around 4:00.

I hope you have not gone back to school or work yet if you're not getting any sleep. But keeping busy does help. It takes a while for the pain to ease after the sort of loss you've had. Please know that your friends here care and will pray for you. God bless. It's trite, but it really is often darkest before the dawn!(((Hugs)))
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Katie! call me this week!!
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Now you'll be up all night trying to decide what to call her.....

This smilie fest is one poor excuse to run up your post count, sweetheart.

Here's a good all-purpose one:
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well, i have what is called Fibromyalgia, and it's a chronic pain syndrome which is
difficult to explain/describe.

frankly, i'm in pain more than half the day, everyday. agonizing, paralyzing, contracting pain.
i don't sleep well, they don't think i'm reaching r.e.m. sleep. i am always tired, but still struck with the inability to have a good night's sleep.
i can't even remember the last time i woke up feeling rested, and not in pain.
it's been over 5 years, i'm sure.

it keeps me up at night a lot of nights.
and grief, too, keeps you up at night.

colby, i'll call you soon. i never know when is a good time to call,
and i can't remember our time difference :confused2 it's just 2:04 p.m. here... i worry about interrupting you at work.

Mary Anne, thank you so much for the card, and the wonderful thoughts, you are a blessing to those who know you.

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oh, please. like i'm concerned about post count, i'm too distracted by the shiny objects in my house to even care.

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Blue do you take the B-12 shots at all to help with your pain? I have a dear friend who suffers from this disease as well and I am always connecting up with her in the wee hours of the morning because the pain keeps her awake as well.

The card was my pleasure, I hope it brought a smile.
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Blue! I'm so sorry I wasn't on last night to keep you company!!!!! I don't have the pain that you deal with every day, and can't imagine how awful that must be, but I do worry at nights to the point of not sleeping, and I know how sad it is to be confused and hurt and sometimes not even sure why. Just know we love you here, and you have many friends here and we are here for you!!! I hope next time you need to talk I will be around!!!! **HUGS**
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I am sorry that you have fibromyalgia Blue - my heart goes out to you. (((HUGS)))
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Mary Anne -- no, i don't take B-12 shots, my doctor and i are going through a long list
of treatment options, trying different things. it really is a long process.

i'm registered with a sleep clinic & a pain clinic, as well as a FMS clinic.

hopefully there will be positive results on the way

thanks, Debby & Kiwideus for the support and good thoughts.

with blessings,
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Originally posted by blue
colby, i'll call you soon. i never know when is a good time to call,
and i can't remember our time difference :confused2 it's just 2:04 p.m. here... i worry about interrupting you at work.
It's hit or miss, so just give it a shot. If it's not a good time we'll come up with another time. I think you're an hour ahead of me.
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ok, darling
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Oh Blue, I'm so sorry to hear this!!!! Hubby doesn't have fibromyalgia, he just has insomnia, ADD and lives with chronic pains. He had a brain tumor, ulcers & benign tumors resulting in two surgeries in March/April, back problems resulting in two back surgeries in August/September, arthritis in his back for which there is nothing to do except live with the pain, he needs a new knee (there is no cartilege left at all in his left knee and it constantly "pops out" - the sound when it goes back in is horrific! - But when he can't get it back in, he suffers terrible pain, and he already walks with a cane), he gets migraines, and is afflicted with some unknown head pain that we originally thought was because of the tumor but obviously wasn't.... He has rheumatoid arthritis and all of his joints hurt and often swell to distorted ugly lumps.... so I totally understand what you go through, even though I don't know anyone with the same disease. My heart aches for you.

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Holy Crud Laurie, sounds like Gary is going through torture! Darrell has a bad knee that he had surgery on, and sometimes gets sore, but Gary's problem sounds excrutiating! Do hot and cold pacts help? Or a knee brace/elastic thingy help?
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Maybe this will make you laugh

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wow... my heart nearly broke reading that summary of what must be such a debilitating life.
my heart sincerly goes out to you both.

i'm sorry for your husband, and for what you must also go through being so close.
i know it's a helpless feeling.

fibromyalgia is right up there with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthristis
in relation to levels of pain..
it's symptoms can mimic Lupus and Lymes Disease to name a few..

again, i'm sorry, but thank you for sharing..
and caring..

take care.
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