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Wondering Kitten

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I have a female kitten about 6 months old. I got here when she was only 7 weeks (yes I know that early) and she was the smallest, weakest one in the litter. She got the least amount of food when competing with her siblings. I let her outside quit early and she always stayed around the back garden and followed me around like a shadow. She would meow at the door to get back into the house when she wanted.

Then one day about 5 weeks ago I let here out and she disappeared. We live in a country area so I assumed that when she didn't come home after a few days that she had been taken by a badger or a fox. Then after about 2 weeks I read a note in the local newspaper about a kitten that had followed a lady home from down in the town centre. She has taken it in and wanted to find it's owners. It was my kitten. I took her back home and she seemed very happy to be back. We decided it was best to keep her inside for a week or so until she put on a bit of weight and bonded more with us again. However.. on letting her out again she went missing right away. This time I had put a collar on her with my phone number. Within a few days I had several phone calls from people who had been followed home by her or had chased her out of the local supermarket. I got her back again yesterday.

We have an older castrated male cat and although he is a bit grumpy towards her they don't get along too badly. They even share the same chair to sleep in sometimes.

What can I do to get her to stop running off so much? She is very friendly and want's a lot of attention but I dare not let her outside just now.

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Welcome to TCS!
Is she spayed?
I've known cats that were so trusting of humans that they followed strangers home. A few ended up badly treated and worse. I suggest you keep her indoors and follow the advise given in the stickies to build a better relationship with your male cat. With a feline friend at home she may not want to wander far again.
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First off, is she already spayed? Even though she is still a kitten she can get pregnant at that age. If she's not spayed yet that may contribute to some of her wandering as well.

Though it sounds like you have a very fearless little cat (ran out of a supermarket?! ) who is much too friendly. She'll probably wander unless you keep her in.
Would it be possible for you to harness and leash train her so she could still go outside on walks?
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I'd keep her inside for at least a month and recommend you go even longer. I'll bet she takes to the harness pretty well too if you want to try walking her.

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If she's NOT spayed, then she will come home pregnant! I'd either train her to a harness/leash and take her outside or build/buy a cat enclosure where she can sit safely in your backyard.

IMO the cat should just stay in and you won't have to worry about her running off any more.
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