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Our little Aby is growing up. She received 6 finals as a kitten and will be making her debut in Champion cat class next month. We just love her and I'm sure she'll do well as an adult. Here are some pics of her.

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She is nice - she's a fawn right? I LOVE that deep eye color too. Good luck in championship class.
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Your right. She is a fawn. Her breeder says she is getting better each time she sees her. From what I'm being told, it's harder for the dilutes in TICA. We are thinking of trying a CFA show in December. There is one nearby.
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What lovely color she has coat AND eyes Nice breadth in her chest. She'll do quite well I'm sure
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She's lovely. Ears are quite different to the Aby's over here.
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She is beautiful! I love her ears! Please do give CFA a try. It's harder for dilutes in CFA also.
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She is beautiful!!!
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