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Production Manager at a weekly newspaper. I design ads and put the pages together. Love it!

I have been getting into designing ads as well and really enjoy it (Flyers, Postcards, Newsletters, etc.). What type of applications do you use for design???

Publisher as well as Photoshop are what I tend to use most. Do you have any recommendations for another???
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I am gainfully unemployed. (I'm on disability but take care of Mom and chauffeur her.)
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during the week I work in a sales office as clerical support, also known as the person who asks "did you turn your paperwork in yet??" obviously I do not have a lot to do as I am on here all day

on the weekends I am a cook/buffet person at a family restaurant.

I really do like both my jobs been at the office one for 8 years and the restaurant for 10
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I'm a Registered Nurse but am currently off work on long term disability. I hope to get back to work by the Spring though. I just need to be rehabbed and then into a back to work program.
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Currently I have two jobs, Library Page in a public library, and retail clerk (though I barely do anything anymore but cashiering...) in a fabric store. Yes, my closet is well stocked with fabric and stuff.

I'm >this< close to getting into a second county system for libraries. The library I currently work in is not the one I live in. The county I'm in the running for IS the one i live in. They're also what I describe as the Fort Knox of library jobs. I finally got called up for testing, scored 96 out of 100, and did my interview last week. It's just on-call, but you set your own schedule. If there's enough hours for the next few months, I'll quit the fabric store. I need to, it's killing what finances I DO have.

I find out mid-November.

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I work as a substitute teacher and tutor of students with specials needs at the local community college.
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I am a kitchen designer, but am currently on secondment with the company as a product trainer as we have new suppliers.
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