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Whats your job?

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So I was wondering what everyone does here for a living.

I work for a third-party processor. I do tech support for credit card terminals. I love my job.

I used to work as a CNA till I was in too much pain. . .

I miss my old people. ..
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I run an internship program for recent graduates
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I'm the Office Manager for an outpatient mental health couseling clinic.
I do all the billing for insurance companies for the clients & all the other fun stuff that comes along with running an office I work with 8 very gifted therapists, its always nice to have someone to talk to!
I seriously adore my job, its amazing!
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I sell insurance
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Supervisor...customer service...local County Government
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Quality Assurance for a Welding Wire manufacturer
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I now do Project Management. I just started today
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I am a PA to an orthopaedic surgeon. Knees and shoulders. I love it.

Outside of my office job I am a dog behaviourist. I love that more
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I am a nurse specializing in cardiology. I love it, but I hurt my back and have been light duty the last couple of weeks and it is driving me nuts!!
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Ugh.... webmaster lol ....
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I'm a Veterinarian Technician for our local animal shelter. (I work for animal control) I get to do all the blood work, vaccs, grooming ,testing, and a lot of small procedures, I LOVE it And yes- it is a shelter- so naturally, i clean too-not the most glamarous job in the world- but i love those animals, so i don't mind it! I love getting to work with all the animals and see soo many of them find loving homes! It gets REALLY stressful though sometimes- my job can really make you hate some people who are not good to animals, but then there are those who love them- and well helping our beautiful animals find good homes with them makes it worth it!

I'm also a lisenced florist! I put myself through floral design school when i was 17. I have been designing now for 5 years. I LOVE it! It really allows me to be creative and just enjoy making beautiful things! Right now though i'm not working in a shop- i'm just working a little bit on the side out of my home, i'm too busy with everything else in my life at the moment! I hope to save up enough money from my current job to someday open up my own flower shop! We'll see! That's my ultimate goal!
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Stay at home cat Mom
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Overnight Vet Tech at an emergency office. It can be a depressing job since we always see the very very ill patients but the ones that do make it and get to go home are always the best.
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I am a processing supervisor/ tech support specialist/ manager/ tax preparer ( changes every year but do all) at a family owned tax service (Jackson Hewitt Tax Service - Franchised)

I enjoy my job and am lucky. I am the only tech guru so I have a lot going on w/ it having 10 locations. I enjoy it most considering I am in school for computer programming. I also enjoy working w/ clients and preparing taxes. It's around the corner folks!! Are you ready???

And YES, there are ways to claim your pets, just not as dependents!!! Even at that.... it's hard to do... BUT... is possible pending on the situation.
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Im a cashier at the local minimarket in my town. were like a small deli, sandwiches, lunchmeat, plus we have all of the small things you forget to buy at the supermarket lol. i havent gone to school yet, but when i do im going for Phlibotamy(sp?).
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I am a full-time student graduating this spring (again? finally?) and I am a part-time bookseller at the university bookstore. I'm unofficially in charge of half the displays and the children's section.
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A manager in IT over a bunch of technology architects. Or put another way - I attend meetings. A lot.

In my spare time I run my Auntie Em business of which most of it is donated to pet related non-profits.
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I work at a doggy day care. I guess I am technically a camp counselor, since the name of the place is Camp Ruff N More
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I am a cashier/cash supervisor at Zellers. Nothing special. I am planning on going to college in September for business administration.
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I am a Customer Service Specialist for a student loan company. Not only do I talk to the borrowers but other representatives call me with questions or to look up adocument in our retrieval system. I also take the dreaded "supervisor" calls. When someone wants to talk to a supervisor to complain about something, or whine when they get reported on their credit because they ignored their bills and the calls we made.
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Postal Worker.

You can trust me, I work for the government.
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Originally Posted by Essayons89 View Post
Postal Worker.

You can trust me, I work for the government.
oh boy now you scare me

lol i am just a male gigolo. ok ok just kidding.
i manage a network, and server backups and email issues, the first is my jobs the others i do, cause i am a nice guy.

deal with Asia and europe most of the time, since it is night here, and there working day.

last hour or so been working with telcom company in poland cause one of are site there lost all there network

i also have a couple of coffee/internet cafe's overseas.
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I'm a classical stage actor which means I spend most of my time carrying dinner plates and mixing drinks.

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RN Surgical First Assistant. I assist the primary surgeon during the surgery. I love my job....can't even think of anything I'd rather do!
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I'm in the U.S. Coast Guard... used to go out on the high seas, but now I have a comfy desk job!
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Production Manager at a weekly newspaper. I design ads and put the pages together. Love it!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Stay at home cat Mom
Me too. I love my job!
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I am a office manager. I oversee the running of two offices that take care of the administration of five business owned by the company I work for.

Most of the time it is a great job, however the downside is that it is very time consuming and I am basically on call 24/7.

Pay is fantastic though.
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I am a bookkeeper, not my favorite job but I don't mind it
Love the people I work with & it keeps the mind busy!
Hubby is the stay at home cat dad!
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I work at my local animal shelter.
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