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Hi! I'm new here. I've never considered myself a cat person, always an animal person. I currently have 3 cats Mewpurr,about a six month old stray female I took in that is currently pregnant and due anyday, Jaspurr, a stray male older possibly senior, that I took in about same time as female kitten (Oct.30th), and a two year old spayed female Jayda. Jayda a jet black with a few stray white hairs, Jaspurr is an orange and white cat with a short stubby little tail, and Mewpurr is a I'm not sure the correct color name she's grey tiger striped, tortoise. I have 1 dog a reddish-yellow golden retreiver/chow mutt. She's seven years old, I've had her for almost 5 years now. She was a neglected dog. She was pregnant when I got her and was not housebroken. She is the most wonderful dog now. Wouldn't trade her for the world. She's a great kid dog. Her name is/was Casey. I figured things were hard enough on her that changing her name would just further complicate things. I currently have 11 dwarf hamsters. I have 8 fish and last but definately not least I have 2 boys Jake 7, and Joe 4.
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I'm so glad to meet you!!!!
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Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have a very full household, lots of love to go around. How wonderful of you to take in stray and neglected animals. I love the names, too! Poor Mewpurr, only 6 months old and already expecting kittens. She should have nothing more to worry about than which toy to play with. I know you couldn't have done anything about it, it's just very sad to me for a kitten to be having kittens. I'm so glad you will be there to assist her with the new babies. Of course, you have to keep us updated on the little ones. We love being cyber-aunts (and uncles) to little furbabies.

I hope you love it here as much as I do. Jump right into any of the forums and conversations going on. We are also all animal lovers first and foremost, so feel free to talk about all of your furries, finnies (I don't think that's a word LOL), and of course your two boys.
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Come out of the cold and come jion us~ There is so much wisdom and friendship here.

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Welcome and enjoy your stay!! I love all your cat's names!!

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Hello and welcome!!!
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Wow! You have your hands full!
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