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Update on My Mad Kitty

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Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions to my problem that I was having with my Flash.

GOOD NEWS............

Flash is coming around nicely today, she is loving on me as I type this to you all. I did buy a Felliway diffusser and I don't know if that was what helped or if she is just feeling a lot better. She started off this morning letting me rub her head through the door and now this afternoon I let her out of the room I was keeping her in and she is still a little skidish but loving. Also when she let me rub her she has a mark under her neck that looks like a strap mark so I do think the vet I took her to must have been very rough and she was just scared to death of everyone.

Thank everyone again for your support and suggestions.

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Good news, Lisa!! Sometimes our kitties just need to know that they can trust us. I have a kitty that's a scaredy cat and we go through the readjustment period from time to time.

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Im so glad to hear this!! Poor little baby ........ you have to search for a vet that can really work with skittish kitties. My original vet treated mine like garbage and they were just babies. They came back to me with their hair sruffled up and 2 of them had cuts on them. I never went back to him again. He just did not know how to handle them. Mine are more than just scared, they are very skittish. So make sure you find a vet that can handle really skittish cats.
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that's wonderful news

Funny thing, I just happened to check this forum to see if there was any follow up to Flash
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More good vibes coming your way!

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