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Chaka on Ebay

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Chaka, Our wonderful Seal Sepia female bengal has had it in her mind to beat up on her sister cat Myah for a few years now. We can't let it go on anymore. We have four cats and she seems to have it in for only one of our cats. I have tried everything. I'm at my wits end. Can anybody take this wondeful bengal ?
she needs a home without Myah.
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What an absolutely beautiful girl. I hope you find the perfect home for her
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Rehoming cats is all about exposure. I hope someone sees her and falls in love.

Let us know how it works out!
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Wow, she's beautiful. I hope she finds her forever home soon.
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If you are serious about rehoming her, have you contacted the breeder? Usually it's in the contract that you will return the animal in the event you can no longer care for them.
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Awww, she is gorgeous I hope you can find a suitable home for her
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Chaka has been on thin ice as the beatings continue. Re-homing would be just as upsetting for us as it would be for her. We'll just keep squirting her and deterring her any way we can and hope that she grows out of it one day. I doubt I'd ever return her to the slob breeder that caused us the loss of a lot of money to vet bills and became argumentative when one kitten we took could not walk within days of receiving her. Glad she's out of business. Anyway Chaka is still part of the family and we'll keep a sharp eye on her. I still love to hug her and listen to the purrs as they get louder and louder.
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Is it possible that the squirting might be making her resentful of the other cat? i.e. if she associates the other cat with squirting, then it could actually fuel the animosity and aggression that you're experiencing.

Not that I can offer any really good alternatives (I wish that I could, but feline behavior is not an area of expertise for me at all). Maybe somebody else has a suggestion that could work for you and Chaka?
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