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Internal clocks

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Cats must have clocks in there head If I get up at the same time every day for awhile and then stop Popsie will wake me up at the time I use to get up. Also, I give him his wet food a eight in the morning and if I'm not up at eight he's in my face headbutting me untill I get him his food. It's so weird how they tell time.
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Very true! My cats are my alarm clocks in the morning.
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Mine is my alarm clock too. . . even to the point she will put her paw on my face just to wake me up. . . If I dont get up she will sit there staring at me like. . . "Your making me crazy, get up!" I know its because she wants her wet food, which I also give to her in the morning. . . There are times that I have had to wake up to feed the cat then go back to sleep. lol
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OMG weekends are horrible in this house. the latest they'll let me sleep is 8:00 am. Any later and Whitey will try and start fights.
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That is why changing to DST is such a pain. The cats don't have a little toggle switch to change times.
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