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My baby

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Ryan sleeping.. I took this picture last nite.

And Ryan bird watching.. I took this picture this morning.
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Ryan looks very soft and fluffy, I wish we could pet the kitties through the computor
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I'm sorry I posted this in the wrong place.. I don't know how to get it moved.
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It's okay. If it needs to be moved, then someone will move it. I'm assuming you meant to post it in the picture section?

Anyway! He is such a cute kitty!
Glad I happened to stumble upon his picture.
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Yeah I meant to.. my brain just wasn't working lol
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Awwww look at that handsome boy look at those paws
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Ryan is really a beautiful kitty.
I love his colors.
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He's so handsome, I LOVE his markings
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What a cutie!
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What a beautiful boy!
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He looks so soft and cuddly! Very pretty boy.
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