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Greed vs. nature

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This is just one of the latest examples of man's greed. A poacher has killed a rare white stag in southwest England:

I realize that hunting is often necessary to control animal populations, but I'd like to see poachers go to prison for a very long time!
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That is awful, a few years ago, there was an albino moose killed not far from where I live, It was shot by an american hunter as a trophy, he had a legal hunting ticket, but it was consider by locals, as a sacred animal ,not a trophy to hang on your wall. If you hunt to eat I have to problem, but trophy hunting and poaching
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It makes them feel macho, little do they know that they are really little wimps.
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Nicely said Cindy. Exactly how I feel. Who needs to kill just for the sake of killing, to feel tough and powerful? Sadly, too many people. Makes me wanna

In fact, one of the funniest Borat clips I ever saw - WAY before the movie and back when hardly anyone knew of the character and he was still funny - was when he went to talk to a group of British aristocrats off for the hunt. He wrote them off to their faces, brilliant satire and wit, and made them look like the fools they were, and they didn't even get it. I'd love you to see that Cindy, it was fantastic.
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that's dispicable. It's one thing if the law allows it and you can purchase a license that OKs it, but really seriously, if you're going to shoot an animal, use the whole thing or sell it off. don't just leave it.

Killing a rare creature is plain stupid.
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I would like to see that Sarah. I bet it was great.
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Here's a link Cindy - it's long, but the hunting skit starts at 7.04 minutes, has three or four segments. I like the one with the guy on the horse.

Enjoy! It's great.
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A man's gotta get some balls somehow! I compare poachers to men who get Pit Bulls to feel "tough".
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Killing a rare creature is plain stupid.
you mean like this,2933,306076,00.html
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That is horrible Some people just have no heart.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
That was an accident. I can't help but think that this deer was shot for selfish reasons!
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no, they went ooopps, after they already killed it.
thre was no reason to kill it in the first place.
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Coming from a family of hunters, I can say that honorable hunters view poachers as one of the lowest life forms.

Personally I like what they do on the game reserves in Africa. They shoot them (the poachers) on sight, and they shoot to kill. End of story. There is no fine, there is no prison term.
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What a good idea! Seems to me that if you think it's fine to be a poacher, you should be prepared to accept that you may, in turn, be poached.
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Poachers, hunters, i dislike them all
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