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Baby pix

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Sam e-mailed me the two best pix of the babies.
This is Baby2. She's the one on top.
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Wow, that's a really clear ultrasound! You must be so excited. The very first Baby Pics!
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This is the other one. She's on the bottom.
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Those are so neat! Thanks for posting them!
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Oh my goodness, I love those pictures!

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She sent just the profiles. With the other shots, you need someone to point out landmarks. At least, these LOOK like babies.

The only parts that I recognized, in the other ones, were the spinal columns and ribs. We're taking the tech's word, that they're both girls. Of course, boys ARE kind of obvious, aren't they?
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isn't that just amazing, wow...

i saw my sister's ultrasound pictures a few months ago, and it was impossible to really see anything, we don't know the sex yet.

that is incredible.

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Wow...they are so clear!!

Thanks for sharing!

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OMG!!! That is So cool!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing those pics with us!!!!!! I am so happy they are doing so well!!!! *hugs*
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That is precious! Thanks for sharing!
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Awe...that is so sweet. Congratulations!
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Thanks Grandma! Great pics! Any names picked out yet?
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Ahhh Cindy- how incredibly wonderful! I know that there will be other pictures later, but do cherish these first glimpses of the twins.
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Cindy, those pics are really amazing.

I see that everyone is commenting on how clear they are, but I did some work on one of them to enhance it even further and you can really see lots more detail in this version.

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LOL!!! Now that was great Samme!!!!
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I guess the next step would be call Ripley's Believe it or Not!
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Birthing Picture!

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Lhezzza you crack me up!
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I agree......Lhezzza's a total misfit of 'graphic' proportions!!!!

I kill me!

:laughing2 :paranoid3
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I aim to please!
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That was a good one, Lhezzza!!!! :LOL:
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