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I just can't believe some people

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We have a neighbor who has a colony of feral cats living in his barns. Last night, John and I were outside when I heard a shotgun. I looked over across the street and the neighbor was standing on his porch and cats were scattering around like crazy. At least 5 cats, possibly more, took off running in all directions. He was going to shoot them because they were on his porch!

I know that a lot of his cats come across the street to hunt in the big field next to our property. John told me last night to drag the trap back out, and we're going to set it on our property next to that field and hopefully trap a lot of those cats and do what we can for them.

Please send lots of TCS vibes that we are able to trap them all, I have no idea how many we're trying for though. I haven't seen the little white cat that I was trying to get at all lately, so hopefully she's ok.
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Good luck
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oh that is terrible! Lots of catch those kitty vibes GOOD LUCK
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What an idiot! Sending lots of vibes that you're able to help the kitties.
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What a jerk! It's people like him that make me sometimes reconsider my stance on the death penalty!

I hope you can rescue those babies
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i would alert the police to what he is doing! and easy trapping vibes
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Originally Posted by Liza24 View Post
i would alert the police to what he is doing! and easy trapping vibes
good luck trapping
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I don't know how you can stand that, I don't think I could rest!
Bless you and your husbands hearts for going to help them! Is the man
a drinker? Just sounds like a country bumpkin, drunk person that would come out and start shooting at innocense cats that are probably hungry, cause that jerk, thinks they all can live off of mice.Wrong! especially if there are quite a few! Pretty soon mice don't go to the barn where there are lots of cats! I admire you and husband! I am sending you all sweet people
and hope no more kitties get in a------- line of fire! He probably gets a charge out of it! Is this the first time for this behavior?

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I can't tell you the number of times that the neighbors at our old house offered to come over and shoot my cats. They offered because they thought they were doing me a favor. It just seems to be the pat answer for a lot of folks that live out in the country. Calling the police won't help, as that is the culture in rural areas and the police never interfere.

Sending you strong that you can get them trapped and redirected to your land.
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That is just disgusting and infuriating. I hope none of them are out there wounded and suffering.

Stay safe for the ferals.
Trapping for you.

Thank you for caring and I hope you're able to help them.
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That's normal and at least in this state shooting an animal on your property is not in the least bit illegal. You can even shoot collared dogs with tags and all you have to do is claim they were bothering your livestock or threatening your family or pets. Feral and barn cats can be huge pests here on farms. Few people want to spend the time or money neutering them. Most farmers just don't want to have to deal with it. They either shoot them or many farm dogs are encouraged to chase and even kill cats. They are thought of no higher than rodents and insects. On the farms where they don't shoot or chase them off it's not uncommon to see dozens of ill cats wandering around. Kittens sitting in yards mewing in pain with their eyes gunked shut. Cats covered in lice with patches of hair missing. Very pregnant cats that are nearly starved to death. Honestly after what I've seen on some farms I would rather they shoot them if they aren't willing to trap them and take them into a vet (who will PTS) and can't find anyone, or aren't willing to try to find anyone, who will do the trapping. It would be great if we could neuter, treat all of them for illnesses, and keep them fed but I doubt anyone can point me towards someone who has the funds and is willing to put it to that use. I sure don't. I take care of the ones I can but it's not even a noticeable dent in the problem.

To prevent my barns from becoming a cat and cat illness breeding ground I purposely went out and found a very territorial feral male cat who we neutered and let loose on our farm to chase away any other cats that show up. I can't afford to neuter all of them, there aren't enough TNR programs to help, I can't afford to feed all of them and don't want to watch them starve to death, and I can't find homes for all of them. Most are not considered adoptable. If it wasn't for him chasing them off I'd be trapping about a dozen cats a year that the vet would just put down. The tame ones and the occasional litter of kittens I do find homes for or take to the shelter if they aren't full. Right now though all 3 shelters are so packed the cat cages are lining the hallways and office.

You do have to look at it from both sides of the fence. If you have a neighbor that dislikes cats on their property all you can do is offer to trap the ones they have and remind them yours are all neutered and free of illnesses. Usually if you tell people here your cats are neutered and vaccinated so they won't multiply on their land or spread illnesses then farmers will leave them alone (can't gurantee their dogs will though).
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