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Roadtrip (aka the trip of tiredness!)

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My mum and aunt are here visiting, and for their last week in the US I'm taking them through some of the main attractions of California (that we can see in a week).

We left on Friday and drove to Yosemite National Park. We spent Friday night there, and Saturday morning we woke up around 6am and that morning hiked up Sentinel Dome (only 2.2 mile round trip, but STEEP at the end), then went to Mariposa Grove and did the tram tour through there.

After that we drove to Las Vegas. For some reason my GPS had lost Nevada... There was a bunch of states missing including Nevada. I had tried to ring my DH to get him to look at a map and confirm, but I had no phone coverage for ages! I had a general idea though, and I finally got through to DH who told me which highways to take to get to Nevada. I knew I could find the hotel once we hit Las Vegas.

So we stayed in Las Vegas Saturday night and last night (Sunday). It's been exhausting walking up and down the strip, but I think I've shown them all the most exciting part of Vegas. We had a buffet dinner last night at the Bellagio which was fabulous!

Currently they are out doing a day trip to the Grand Canyon, while I rest... When they get back we hit the road again and drive to Anaheim where we stay for 2 nights. So tomorrow we'll be going to Disneyland - I haven't been so am very excited! Wednesday we'll drive to Hollywood and we stay there Wednesday and Thursday nights and will just check out Hollywood and LA in general.

Then Friday we'll leave fairly early to drive back home, and they fly back to Australia Friday night!

I am so tired at the moment!!! My legs are killing from the walk up Sentinel Dome, then driving to Las Vegas and spending all yesterday walking around! We haven't slept past 6:30am, and I'm sleeping on the floor in our current motel because they only have twin size beds and didn't have any rollaway beds left. To make it worse my aunt set her alarm for 6:30 this morning but was still on East Coast (where they last visited), so it went off at 3:30am. But she kept pressing snooze by mistake rather than off!!!! So it went off at 3:30, then 3:40, then 3:50!!! OMG I was ready to throw the phone out the window. It took forever to get back to sleep after that, then they got up at 6:30, so I haven't slept much!

We've driven about 700 miles (1100km) so far I think (most of which I've driven) and still have a long way to go!

We've seen some fabulous sights though, and I'll share the highlights once I get home and upload my photos!
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Oh wow, sounds like you've had a tiring few days but it must be so fun! Enjoy the time with your mom and aunt. You have to post some lovely pics once their gone and you've rested!!
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LOL At least your family will have a nice sleep on their international flight.
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Sounds exhausting, but fun!!
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talk about a whirlwind vacation!! it sounds great though, can't wait for pics! I view vacation as time to do NOTHING
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I'd be exhausted! I hope it's fun...and that you can get some rest!
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