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I almost got another...

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Yesterday, BF and I were at his grandfather's house raking the leaves off the sidewalk (they give you tickets in NYC if the sidewalks aren't clear!!) and when we were in his back yard I heard a kitten crying!!

There is construction of a new house going on next door and it must have fallen into the foundation hole and couldn't get out!! Whenever I would lean over the fence and talk it would cry!!

I tried calling the ASPCA but I couldn't get anyone because the switchboards were closed or whatever so I waited for the people who own the property to come home!

It was an older man and I told him about the cat and he actually went back there to save it! It was a little black kitty, maybe 6 weeks or so. He climbed in there with a ladder and a box to rescue the kitty. It was so scared and running all over the place and as soon as he got him in the box and up out of the hole the kitten was off!!

I wanted to take it home if we were actually able to catch it but it was so scared and ran so quick. I'm just glad we got him out of the hole so he could find his mommy and siblings and wouldn't starve or freeze down there. Unfortunately in that neighborhood the amount of strays is huge. The man said he had seen the momma and her 4 kittens hanging around so I'm sure kitty will be okay.

Looks like I was in the right place at the right time!!
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awww poor lil guy!!!
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I feel bad that we couldn't catch it, I was looking forward to a new baby lol

I'm just glad he got out ok
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