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I miss my Merlin :(

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I had posted about merlin in the daily thread....but I am missing him so much, so I decided to copy and paste the post I made about Merlin here, in a thread all it's own (he IS my baby after all)

Today was just awful for me...so I broke into the beer...I have been trying to cutt way down on my beer intake... but geeeeesh............today was just to much to handle without a few beers!!!!!!!!!!

My precious cat Peaches is still at the vets....and tonight I came home from work to find my Merlin salivating like crazy, with strings hanging from his mouth, and he was growling...I took him to the vet....and the vet asked if he could have gotten into some poisen...said he was hypersalivating.....whatever that means. I finally figured out that merlin had eaten some of the roach poisen I had down in the basement. He is so sick...he vet gave him three shots to stop the salivating, and will keep him till Monday, at least....so now I have TWO babies at the vets!!! Just cages apart, and not at home with me like they should be...I am a freakin' basket case... (hense the beer)

so....there it is...the whole story and I am just beside myself worrying about him...he has never been away from me...he is the only cat out of 11 that my hubby allows indoors..he is my baby!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just sick about this..

also he did not poop or pee all day today ( I checked the litter pan) and also did not eat anything.

I am glad I took him to the vets....but damn I miss him! He always curls up next to me at night, to sleep...and I don't know if I can sleep tonight without him....
It seems like my bad luck is really running rampage.....
It is bad enough that my peaches is sick and at the vets...but now I find Merlin has been poisened!!!

I don't know how much more I can take, honestly.
I will be okay if Peaches does not make it...although I will be saddened beyond beleif....

But if something happens to Merlin.....forget it....I may as well curl up and die.

Light some more candles Blue
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Merlin will be okay, sweetie, i have faith, and i have candles
going for both Peaches & Merlin.

i know you are having a bad week, and i'm so sorry
but, this week is almost over and soon you will have a whole
new week with which good luck and warm days will be all yours,
you deserve it.

i'm thinking of you, half a world away

rant and vent all you want if it makes you feel better,
we all understand, and we all care so much about you.

Love to you angel,


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It is so scary when they get into something that they shouldn't. I am sure the IV's are flushing the bad stuff out of Merlin, and his overnight stay is made easier because of Peaches nearby. Don't fret, vets are so good these days, and it sounds like from you past posts that you do have a good caring vet. Prayers are being said for both your babies- now go have a beer on me!
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Thank you so much Blue.

And it really doesn't feel tonight like we are half a world apart....because you are in my heart, and I feel your love...and I feel your concern, and no amount of miles can take that away.

Thank you for caring, Blue....I hope one day we can bridge the distance and met each other....

Thank you for being here for me....I know I am rambling, but I need a diversion to get my mind off the bad stuff...

I think I am losing my mind!!! I miss my Merlin so much I can't stand it!!!!

I am so worried that he feels maybe abandoned by me, and alone in that cage....and I mis the touch of him..and stroking his long tail, and scratching betwen his ears as he looked at me with those big beautiful innocent yelow eyes.

You all know I love Peaches very much, and am worried abou her.....but it is nothing compared to what I am feeling fpr my Merlin........

Oh please God.........Let Merlin be okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hissy...I did not mean to ignore your post, it seems we posted just a minute apart, so I went back and read your post...thank you for your concern and prayers,,,,and even though Hubby may think I'm nuts , I will spend whatever it takes to keep my Merlin Berlin (the nickname I affectionatley call him)
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Merlin will be all right! Have faith in that much, anyway. Obviously, there is a huge mental gap at your home; and to be honest I cannot bear to think of it. Please forgive me, but I am unable to comprehend hatred of innocent animals. I pray everything goes as you would wish it; and I know both Merlin and Peaches will survive these terrible events.

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God, what an ordeal! I have candles going for you and your babies!

Please be strong and have faith! Faith is what can help you through this crisis!

We're here for you at all times, and we do understand what you're going through! Come and vent all you need - you'll find big shoulders to lean on!
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Oh My God Debby! You poor thing! TWO in a week with serious problems! I hope my run of luck isn't rubbing off!

Poor little Merlin and Peaches. They're probably in a cage next to each other saying "What are YOU doing here?!".

I hope that both your babies will be OK and if there is anything that I can do (like I said in the other post), please ask. It sounds like you, yourself, might need some support as I have.
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I feel for you so much, but I know that you are going to make it through this trying time. Just breathe deeply, know that God is taking care of it for you, and also of you. your babies are going to be home in no time!

praying for you
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Debby, I am sorry to hear about Merlin. I am sure he is going to be just fine. You cought it and got him to the vet before it was fatal. I know it's hard not having them home, but I am sure he can feel you thinking about him. Before you know it, Monday will be here and you will be holding him once again.
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My kids and I are purring and singing to make your special kitty well..and I know Peaches will come Monday all better....
DebbieA and the Kids...Tai-Tai, Zoe, and Baby..
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Debby: I know today will be a hard Mothers' Day for you, but have strength. We all feel so much for you. I know that tomorrow will bring good news and you will find out that soon you will have Peaches and Your precious Merlin home to love.
I just want to say how much having you at this site means to me. One of the first things I remember when I first posted here was your little wavy smiley as a signature on your post. It always makes me smile. I am praying for your babies, and I am sorry for what I said about trapping coons in another post.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your babies. I've been off-line for two days so I had to catch up reading the threads. I've got a candle going for them both right now and said a prayer. You've got to believe they will be okay or you'll drive yourself crazy. My little one Faberge was diagnosed with Pyometria and is in the hospital as well for 5 days. May I make a suggestion? Bring two shirts with your scent on them and have them put them in their cages. That way they know you're with them. That's what I'm going to do with Fabbie. Right now she's terrified and I want her to know that it won't be long before she's home with me again, JUST AS YOUR KITTIES WILL BE!

Have faith, hon. And know that you all are in my thoughts. If you need me, e-mail me, okay?


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Thank you all so very very VERY much for your concern and inspiring posts, and for your prayers and thoughts!!!

I think all of you are so wondeful, I don't know what I ever did without you all in my life!!!!!!!

Donna, I am sorry to hear that your baby is in the hospital too, I will pray for her also. I wish I had thought of that T-shirt thing, what a great idea!!! But I will get to pick them both up tomorrow and bring them home unless something goes wrong, but I will remember the shirt idea if this ever happens again.

I stopped in Saturday morning to check on them, they vet is open till noon on Sat. and Merlin looked pretty good!!! Peaches still looks pretty ragged, but her appitite is good, and the vet says she will look much better after a good bath.

I have missed them both so much, especially Merlin, since he is indoors. I wake up and go to feel for him, then remember he isn't there.

I will be so anxious to get work over with tomorrow, I work 7-3 so that I can rush over and get my babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Cat.... my hubby does seem to have a hard heart on these things sometimes, but I think deep down inside he cares a little more than he lets on.
He has made me very angry with his comments recently though...but I try to bite my tounge...sometimes I think he thinks he is making a joke, but it is pretty sick.
Just like he told me if he had seen Peaches before I did, he would have hit her in the head and put her out of her misery before I could find her and take her to the vets and spend so much money on her. How awful!
And tonight he asked what it was going to cost for Merlin, and I said I didn't know...but it would be alright, I would take care of it...and he said, well he isn't worth 5 bucks...and my stepson who is 10 pipes up and says, shut up dad, he's worth 5 million!!!! ( I love that kid)
So hubby then says, I wouldnt give 10 cents for him.

Well I know that isn't true, because he is very attached to Merlin....and Merlin to him, he lays on his stomache all the time on the couch...so I know he would feel bad if Merlin didnt make it....he just has to keep up his macho image I guess....like real men cant have feelings....oh it makes me soooooooo mad sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for caring! I love you all. I will try to get online a little tomorrow to tell you how they are doing!!!!!!!
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Debby; I know you can't wait for 3:00 tomorrow. We will all be thinking of you. I bet you go out and get them both special treats or toys to come home to!
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I GOT MY BABIES HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy to report that I was able to bring both of my babies home from the vets today!!!!!!!!!!

Merlin was so happy to be home!!!!!!!
He is my spoiled baby!

And Peaches still looks rather rough, but I think she will be okay now that she is home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm so happy for you, having your buddies home with you after their ordeals! Please let us know how their recoveries proceed.

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