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Yay!! The Buc's Won!

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I'm so glad that the Buc's won the Super Bowl! I'm not a big fan of football, but I really enjoy watching the big game. I'm sure Deb is going NUTZ!! Hope everyone enjoyed the game...I sure did!
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I am so happy they won!!! Deb was right, they had the hunger for winning the game. The Raiders barely showed up, like they had decided they had the game won before it started. I just heard that it is a new Super Bowl record that Gannon threw 5 interceptions.
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It was a GREAT Game! And the right team won!!!

BTW who was that in bed with Ozzy Osborne? Was that Florence Henderson? THose commercials, some of them were hysterical. The castway Fed Ex one was my favorite.
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I'm glad Tampa won!

Can't say it too loud, since the Raider's fans are all about a mile away! I'm pretty worried that parts of Oakland are getting trashed right now, as I found out last week after the game (when they won though) many stores were broken into, and there was a lot of damage done from partiers. With a bunch of drunk fans who are mad and upset who knows what will happen.

Anyway, way to go Tampa!
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Yeah that was Florence Henderson LOL. That would have been so infuriating for that castaway guy to be stuck on an island for 5 years only to have all that stuff with him all along!

I am glad that Tampa Bay won also, its a great victory! Their first time ever!
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Well, Mike's ecstatic that the Bucs won. Now I'm going to have to try to scrape together $20 for a championship T-shirt or hat for him. I did watch the game though I didn't understand most of it.
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And I won 25 bucks for matching the 1st quarter score in our Super Bowl pool!

This is a great day in Tampa. They are opening the stadium at 4:30 tomorrow, and the team arrives about 7:30 pm. You know I'll be there! There's talk of a parade on Tuesday afternoon.

27 years coming, 27 points scored in the Philly game, and a 27 point spread tonight.

This city is currently running on high!
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I'm glad the Bucs won, too. It's a shame the Raiders fans had to be such idiots, setting fires, etc.
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