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My Precious Girl Ziggy RIP

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Ziggy has been missing since Saturday night. I recieved a call today to say she was killed by a car.

She died instantly and didn't suffer.

She was just over a year old 22/09/06 - 27/10/07

She gave birth to four kittens on 17/08/07, Links, Lola, Diego and Pixie

This is such a shock for all of us . They say she will be buried by the local council.

I love you Ziggy, you were such a loving cat, and the prettiest cat I've ever come across. You will be missed so much. I'll look after Links for you, and check in on Pixie and Lola when I can. You were my baby, and my best friend.

The last picture I took of you:

RIP my sweet girl. I love You, be happy at Rainbow Bridge
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Oh no!!! I am SOOOO sorry. RIP Ziggy.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP Ziggy.
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Oh my, I'm so sorry for your loss

RIP sweet Ziggy - look for my Davidson up over the Rainbow Bridge- he'll show you the way
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oh no, I'm so sorry, Sadie!! RIP Ziggy
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Thanks everyone.

I would advise everyone to microchip their pet. It had really paid off for me. I would never know what had happened if it wasn't for that.

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I am so very sorry ....... Rest In Peace Ziggy
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I posted in your other thread, but I just wanted to tell you again how very sorry I am for your loss.

Rest In Peace beautiful girl.
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OHHHH NOOO!!! Sadieandziggy, i cannot begin to comfort you! this is such a tragedy!!! RIP beautiful Ziggy, you were one gorgeous kitty.
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I am so sorry for your loss!! RIP Ziggy!!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and Ziggy. RIP sweet girl.
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I am sorry for your loss. RIP Ziggy.
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Phoned environmental health and she hasn't been buried yet. They are going to take her to my vets so they can do a private cremation for me. It will cost me £78 ($156) But she is worth it. I loved her so much, and I am glad I can scatter her ashes under her favourite tree. It will be her memorial spot.

I will also be keeping her collar
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Oh i'm so pleased you can get your little girl and bring her home

Ziggy, have a wonderful time at the bridge sweetie. Your going to be missed badly, but heaven is a lucky place right now with all the TCS kitties that have crossed

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i know someone who carries their cats collar on their keys as a key-chain. We also kept both of our RB kitties collars and have them hung up on the wall. im glad you will get her back. the Memorial tree is a great idea for you to memorialize her.
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Oh no I am so sorry Rest in Peace beautiful girl
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RIP Ziggy

I have been in your place, sadieandziggy: to have a missing pet/animal family member to have gone missing and have it end like this.
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I'm glad you'll be able to bring sweet Ziggy home
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I am sorry for the loss of your beautiful Ziggy. I hope having a memorial spot and collar will bring you comfort. I have my RB dog's collar and favorite toy on my nightstand, and it helps me.

Rest in peace, sweet Ziggy.
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Farewell little Ziggy, you were a beautiful girl and will be sorely missed. Never will the hill be the same in summer, without Sadie's baby chasing the butterflies.
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Oh hun, I am so sorry for your loss. Play happily over the bridge sweet ziggy
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My condolences on your sad loss.

Rest in peace and play Ziggy.
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I am so sorry to hear about Ziggy
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She was so beautiful. I am glad you have the closure of bringing her home. Play happily, Ziggy!
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Oh no I'm so sorry
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Condolences on your sad loss of Ziggy. Thank you for the advice about microchips - the fact that you had the courage to write that despite your personal heartache about Ziggy shows that you care about all cats the world over. The sense of closure is surely better than the not-knowing and the false hopes.
I am glad that you have Links to help you through this sad time.
Farewell, Ziggy! Heaven certainly got a goregous cat
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I'm sorry you lost her. At least you have closure, you do not have to wonder furr-ever. And Ziggy will forever be at home with you.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge Ziggy!
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RIP Precious Ziggy.
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I was hoping for good news today but am so sorry about Ziggy.
I too have had my cats hit by vehicles in the past-one hopes they don't go by the road though.
Your Ziggy reminds me of my Bobber in color-I had to give her a hug for you.
RIP dear Ziggy...
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My heart goes out to you.
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