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Kismet --> Home!

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I'm still slightly holding my breath but Kismet is at home and doing wonderfully. I went to see her and she had been eating a little bit on her own, but Dr. Bob wanted me to bring her home and try her even for just 24 hours (she couldn't really get worse in 24 hours since she had seemed to stabalize) I did. Sure enough the first thing she did when she got home was throw upa nd hide, so I was really worried. But my mom was with me
and said just to leave her for a I did. A couple hours later I got her from out under the bed and my mom spent an hour doing reiki on her, and I put some rescue remedy on her nose and she fell right asleep. When she woke up I tried hand feeding her and sure enough she ate more then I'd seen her eat in weeks (purina luv...I know ). So then I watched a movie and just sat with her the whole time and she fell asleep on my lap for
about 2 hours, woke up and ate another meal of purina luv (I am ecstatic at this point).
Overnight she ate another little bit of food, and this morning I was able to hand feed her again!! She is much less jaundiced, drinking on her own, and has urinated and had a bowel movement, which means her digestive tract is working again which it wasn't before.

I really couldn't be happier right now, she hasn't hid since, she doesn't move around too too much, as she is still REALLY weak, but she is alert and wants to know whats going on.
The other cat (Cello) was funny, and actually hissed at her when she got home, guess she smelled like vet, but in true female style she just ignored him, what a girl. (!!!!!QUESTION!!!!!!: what can I rub on thier noses so they smell the same it corn starch or something???)

So as of right now I'm not force feeding her at all, I have about 12 different moist kibble to try, since that is her favourite right now, but being a cat I'm sure she'll change her mind. The vet thinks since she is eating, we have to try to leave it up to her now, since the assist feedings are very stressful, and we've gotten her over the organ failure's up to kis now. I know lots of force feeding people are going to b e screaming up to the high heavens that she isn't getting enough food/nutrients, but at this point I have to start listening to one person, the man who saved her life, and who will take her back at any point she gets worse.......she has come this far with his treatment so I'm going to keep it up.

I think she's going to pull through....I really do........
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That's excellent news! Give her some love for me. I'll keep Kismet in my thoughts and prayers for a complete recovery. Keep us posted!
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I'm so glad!!!
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That's wonderful news.
I'm so happy for you and for Kismet.
I'll keep her in my thoughts and Prayers that she continues to improve.
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That is great news. Hugs to both you and Kismet.
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Aww...bless her heart! I hope she keeps improving more and more, and it sounds like she's glad to be home! I have heard that rubbing vanilla on them helps them smell alike....let us know how she's doing...
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That's great news, esp. that she's home!!
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I am glad Kismet is home good health vibes
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I am so happy that she is home with you - and it sounds like she is really improving! Continued prayers and vibesgoing out to you for her quick recovery!
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I'm so glad to hear Kismet is home on doing so much better. I am sure all the love you give will speed her recovery!
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That's the best news I've heard today! Oh Kismet , continue on the road to recovery!
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A beautiful image, Kismet eating....not treats....but realish food!!! Snappy Toms!! Never tried it before but she gobbled it down! I actually started crying........Cello the siamese looks on waiting for scraps

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That is a beautiful sight! I hope you have told that Vet what a wonderful man he is! I'm so glad you didn't give up.
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oh shes a good lookin kitty. I'll be praying that she is fully healed!! She looks like a lil angel!!! Donna
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I'm so happy that she's eating well.
Bless her little heart.
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I just wanted to add that Cello is gorgeous. What a luxurious coat!
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thanks........he gets walked and furminated outside for about an hour everyday.....I think the quality food helps too
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