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Daily Thread Monday Oct 29

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Morning cat peeps!

I had a wonderful weekend in Niagara Falls, we did all sorts there. Dinners, spa, haunted houses, shopping, giant ferris wheel (which I cried on because I am terrifies of heights)

I hope you all had a great weekend too!


Have a great day!
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Not much going on here. I have been up all night. Hope everyone has a great day.
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I'm pleased you enjoyed your weekend Nat Any pictures?.

I've had a huge bouquet of flowers delivered to work for my birthday from my niece and her husband, and their baby Millie

I've just booked up to see another show in London in march with my sister, so were going to see Billy Elliot this time
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I spent the weekend cleaning the yard - and even after 2 years in my house, I still have boxes to unpack. So yesterday I upacked a carton and found 12 pairs of shoes! All were "winter" so I am so excited! Plus, most of last year's clothes are too large now! So I took out clothes that I couldn't wear last year! Yippee! It is like having a whole new wardrobe - and a new closet, since I had to re-arrange all of my clothes!
Have a great day - we are all celebrating the Red sox here at work - well, except for one silly Yankees fan...
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Well, Saturday I went with my sister to the CRIME FESTIVAL that they had here in Wilmington and saw several interesting Mystery writers. I got the first book of ROOKIE OF THE YEAR John Hart called THE KING OF LIES and he autographed it for me. Very good book I might add but very dark. Yesterday my Mom, sister and me went to a Fashion Show at our favorite dress shop and then went to Calabash for an early seafood supper. Don't know if we're going to be doing anything as exciting for the rest of the week. . I hope everyone is having a good day
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It's been a sad day. Just found out that my girl Ziggy is dead
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Wow sounds like your having fun Trout!!!!!!!!!! I went there last August, its very pretty and there's a lot to do, but it's so expensive! It seems like you have to pay just about $12 for every little thing you do!

I'm at school not nearly as fun as going to the Falls.
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Originally Posted by sadieandziggy View Post
It's been a sad day. Just found out that my girl Ziggy is dead
Oh my, I am so sorry
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Its a very pleasant fall day here. A bit breezy so I did a load of laundry and have it on the clothline.

Did some more painting in the basement-the end is coming closer!!

Then work for a few hours at a clients house-just about done there for the year depending on the weather.

So a late lunch and leftovers for dinner tonite.

Have to watch TV upstairs tonite as the Packers play their game and heaven forbid he would have to watch on a small TV!!
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I had the usual morning, got up 6:30 to a kitty meowing (Lucky), a little dog (Sophie) whineing to go pee. woke up kids, I think I need a ten foot pole to wake up 16 years old . breakfast , ok brush your teeth, comb your hair. get in the van. This was a Tim Horton's morning. COFFEE I hate Monday Mornings
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Originally Posted by sadieandziggy View Post
It's been a sad day. Just found out that my girl Ziggy is dead
I am soo sorry!!
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Not an exciting weekend. Basically house cleaning. Did give some of the cats a bath... 1 of them gave me a bath back. I am going to attempt to give the rest of them a bath tonight....
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I'm so sorry about Ziggy

Today was my first day at work So far so good, I think I'll return tomorrow morning

The job is so different from what I'm use to and am THANKFUL for that. Everyone I met seems really nice and from the sounds of it management doesn't allow for backstabbing or [bad] gossiping, otherwise your outta there. I'll be spending the next few weeks getting caught up on what everyone is doing and then from there the manager said that I could chose to work in whichever group I want or find a use for my IA skills within the group (which is more likely to happen).
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