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flea problems

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Hello everyone. I need some advice. I have 3 indoor cats but they manage to get outside even though i try to keep them in. We started to develop a flea problem that spread throughout the house. I treated my cats and used flea bombs in my house thinking that the problem would be solved.We vaccumed every room after we were done and im still seeing fleas.Did the flea bombs not work or is their any other solution? Any advice would be great. Thanks!
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I have had fleas in my house a couple of different times. The first time I treated the cats and house myself and the problem got worse. So after that I ended up having the pets and house treated professionally. But the last time was a real puzzler. After we had the professional treatments the dog nor cat seemed to show any signs of a flea problem (both were on a flea regiment), but we were still getting bitten. We couldn't figure out where the fleas were coming from. Well, come to find out the pile of firewood that was stacked outside had a bad flea infestation (from nesting, unbeknowst to us, birds) and they were hitching a ride into the house 1.) on my husbands sweatpants as he worked near the pile, and 2.) on the wood brought in for firewood. After we got rid of the firewood and had the house treated again we never were bothered again.

As to your question about flea bombs - I didn't use them because I thought it would be just as cheap to get a professional compared to bombing because we had a large house plus the pros had a guarantee and said their treatment would kill any eggs that would hatch. Maybe someone else can advise about the bombs.

Vacuuming might pick up some eggs, but if you miss some, or don't clean the vacuum and throw out the bag immediately the problem could rear its ugly head again.

Fleas can be a real tough, stuborn problem. I wish you good luck....let us know what you end up having to do.
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A few months ago I was Very surprised to find that my indoor only kitty had fleas! I never did see any around the house or jumping on us....I first noticed flea dirt in her fur.
I tried using Frontline first and didn't plan to treat the house since it didn't seem to be that bad....but...after a couple of treatments and still finding a few on her (combing) I switched to Advantage and decided to do the house so I could be done with the problem for Zoe's sake.
At first I tried the "all natural" carpet powder.....don't waste your time or money...and it smelled horrible...
Then I did some research and found that Zodiac Flea Trol aerosol canned for carpets and great reviews.
I got some at Kroger and it was extremely easy to spray (it sprays upside down so it was really nice, don't get the pump though, that would leave things too wet.) it dried very quickly and had NO smell! I sprayed the floors, cushions, curtains, under the couches, etc.
I reapplied 10 days later per the instructions....and I vacuumed (canister vac and emptied outside) every day for a few weeks. (be sure to vacuum before you spray so the fleas are disturbed)
No more fleas. We are very happy. This all took me around 3 months. I wish I had used the Zodiac from the beginning...it might have been sooner.
Oh and I just put Zoe in a bathroom for about an hour after spraying so she wouldn't be right on it and she was fine.
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