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Tigger is meowing a lot to go outside and she knows she's not allowed, except on a leash. So now, since Ive been taking her out lately, she's been meowing a lot! So much it's getting on Darrell's nerves (and mine too, although I won't admit it). So I'm not going to take her out anymore and soon her meowing at the door will cease. But she just looked so bored lying around the house all the time that I thought a little stimulation was in order. She looks so funny munchin on the grass with her tail straight up twitching in the air, meowing away. But she refuses to come back in and is so sad afterwards with her meowing, so no more outside. Sometimes I think she doesn't want to be with us, that she would rather be outside playing with the other cats and getting into trouble. Then she'll come and sleep with me at night and purr like a little V8 engine. I don't know what she wants. I want to make her happy, but I can't let her go outside, she's never been an outdoor cat before. And what if she decides to try and find one of our old houses that we used to live in? Then she'll be gone forever.
Grr. I'm not letting her out anymore. What do you think? We've got lots of toys and two huge cat posts, she doesn't like catnip (I know, weird) and doesn't really like Roo. She's an only pet cat, but with another cat.
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Tamme, I don't have any advice. I've never taken my cats outside except on the porch.

I'll move this to the Behavior forum, though, where our experts can give you better help with Tigger.
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Thanks Heidi
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