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Fleas will not go away.

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Ok so a month or two ago i posted a thread asking if a certain kind of flea shampoo was ok to use. i was told to use dawn instead. i bought the dawn and gave him SEVERAL baths since trying to rid him of the fleas. i try to brush him with the flea comb afterwards and it doesnt even pick up the fleas. they have to be in a certain position for the flea to get caught in the comb. and when u have a highly upset kitten squirming to get away, it isnt easy. i just gave him ANOTHER bath in the dawn. it isnt even killing the fleas. they were trying to get away as i was combing him. and they were jumpin everywhere. this is starting to become a huge problem. i am getting eaten alive and i can only begin to imagine how he feels bc there are ALOT of them. he has scabs on the side of his face from scratching them so much. and im afraid that he may become anemic from them all. i am ordering him frontline tomorrow. (i had to wait to get paid) but i just read a post a couple of days ago about that not working.. what can i do im starting to believe that im not going to be able to stop this. please help!
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It sounds like the kitten needs to see a vet, and if big enough, get frontlined. The infestation sounds pretty bad, so you most likely have them in your house as well. Maybe others can tell you what would be involved in eradicating them...flea bombing the house maybe? I'm not sure.

What I am sure about is your kitten needs help to get rid of the fleas. He can become anemic from so much blood loss, and that can be dangerous. Please take him to the vet.
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I cant take him to the vet for at least a week, as i am working all week long with no day off. during the week days the Humane Society opens really late, by that time im already at work and my bf works too. i dont think its so bad he needs a vet anyway, all they will do is put frontline on him, which is going to cost me a fortune. i can get it ALOT cheaper online. i am going to wait a few days, and bathe him in the flea shampoo. then buy the crap u put into your carpet and crap to kill them. theyre not all over the place bc we checked the dog and he has none.
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The problem with fleas is that they are not easy to get rid of. The will jump off your pet into the carpet or elsewhere. Once in your house they can live for months without food. The can multiply quickly and if your pet's coat is no longer a good home or source of food for them, they will begin to look You have to treat your pet and house simultaneously, including throwing out your vacuum bag. I replied to another post today regarding fleas citing my experiences. Not a fun thing to deal with. Good luck and come back and report how the problem is coming.
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You post has confirmed my fear that there is much confusion around the use of Dawn. Dawn is NOT a flea shampoo - it's just a safe shampoo for cats.

On-line purchases of flea treatment are not always the same as what you get from the vet - they may be "knock-offs" and/or much weaker in strength which won't work.

This is just my opinion (I've been through all the do-it-yourself fixes for fleas until my problem got so bad I had to get professional exterminators) but the best thing you can do for both you and the kitty is go to the vet, get the Revolution or Advantage and then treat your house. Even if you don't see fleas on your dog, if your cat has them that bad, then they are there. Fleas don't live on your animal - they jump on for a meal and jump off.

By the sounds of it your little kitten could well be on his way to anemia if he has so many on him.
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Well we have an exterminator come like once a month or so cuz we have a problem with ants, he treats for all pests, & the stuff he uses is pet safe. so the next time he comes i will ask him to get the carpet really well, plus im going out to buy that crap u sprinkle into your carpet. im going to bathe him with the flea shampoo, but i am concerned since i was told NOT to use it. when the Advantage comes (i already ordered it) & it is really advantage dont worry, i will use it. my bfs mom is ordeering some for the dog too just in case so we will treat them both at the same time. we cant really bomb the house cuz that would mean we would have to take the birds outside and its too cold for them to be outside. and we dont have anywhere we could take them for the day. if this problem doesnt go away by the time his appointment for neutering comes around, then i will ask the vet to step in and assist with the fleas. money is extremely tight right now, i just spent the last of my money buying him food and litter last night. and i have to take todays pay when i leave work tonight just to pay for the flea meds. thanks for you advice guys i really value it, but as i said i just cant afford to take him to the vet until his neutering.
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Your kitty might just need a vet regardless if you can afford it. If you just flea-treat a kitten with store-bought advantage you could really do more harm then good. Flea treatment on kittens is given by weight, as well as by the health of the kitten. Dawn will NOT kill fleas, whoever told you this was wrong. It stuns the fleas temporarily allowing you to remove the fleas with a flea comb. If you have so many fleas that you can't remove them all, your kitty may be well on its way to being anemic. Please drop this kitten off at a vet or a shelter and ask them to work it in for an exam and make arrangements to pick it up later that day. Fleas can kill kittens quick, even before you know it is happening. The crap you are talking about buying is just that- talk to the vet about what he recommends for safe flea treatment of the home. My vet sells flea bombs for $13.00 but you have to follow the directions carefully.

I have had many a kitten in my home come here riddled with fleas. I consider fleas very dangerous to young kittens- they not only take their blood and leave disease but they also cause tapeworms. Please get your kitty seen as soon as possible and leave the flea shampoos and stuff on the grocery shelf for the safety of your kitty
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Is monster neutered yet? If not, I suggest you have it scheduled and bomb the house while he's away. There is a strong possibility that your kitty has tapeworms, or even Bartonella so a visit to the vet really is in order.

Advantage is what we carry at my job and most of our clients are happy with it.

Forgot to mention, to cover all your bases your dog needs to be given a dose of frontline or advantix as well.
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Hissy- the advantage I ordered is NOT store bought. I ordered it. And the person who told me to use dawn instead of the shampoo I bought was someone from TCS. I posted to ask if the shampoo I bought was ok, and several people replied and said to use dawn. As stated above I CAN'T bomb the house unless it is safe to bomb with the birds in the house. I will see if they will approve me to make payments but if they won't then I can't take him to the vet until it is time for him to be neutered. Normally money isn't a factor but lately I haven't been working as much and I am just getting put back on my normal schedule so my finances will be back in order soon.
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If monster's 6 months old now you can neuter him any time. You can find a vet in your area that accepts friends of animal certificates for a better price on the surgery.

Or you can look for free/low cost mobile clinics in your area. Your local spca can help you.
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It often takes 3+ months of flea preventative to get rid of the fleas. I highly suggest a vet visit ASAP, because anemia will take him down fast.

I treated for 5 months straight on all animals, then I also locked all animals away & sprinkled borax into the carpet & vacuumed it up.
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Friday night I bathed an outside kitty (kept inside to dry) with dawn and afterward every flea I saw was dead. You need to make sure you lather the cat up real good and do not rinse for 5 minutes. The fleas suffocate.

But it does sound like you have a severe flea problem and will need to use Frontline or Revolution for 3 months to stop the flea cycle.
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Ok so here's whats going on. I called my boss and talked to her. The earliest day I can get off is thursday. I'm going to take my pay for today to pay for the advantage I already ordered. Tomorrow when I work I'm going to take my pay for tomorrow and take him to the humane society first thing thursday to get him dipped and tested for worms and whatnot. Tonight I will go out and buy flea podwer for the carpets. I would like to bomb but as I said before unless they have a petfriendly bomb then that is not an option. I'm going to vacuum all of the furniture and throw the bag away. Besides that and treating him and the dog with advantage, is there anything else to do?
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Be careful how much flea product you use on him, too much can kill. Pick one thing & stick with it. My suggestion is to use the Advantage only. Don't use any other product on him. I do suggest sprinkling borax on the carpet & vacuuming it up about 15 mins later. Just don't let the pets walk across the borax before it's vacuumed.
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I agree with White Cat Lover 100%. Use Borax for the carpets though. It is safer than the flea killer type because it is not as toxic for them or for you. You need to get 20 Mule Team Borax. You will find it in the laundry isle of your grocery store. When we used it we needed 3 boxes to completly cover the area of our apartment, about 800 square feet, to give you an idea of how much you will need. Do one area at a time, keeping all animals away while you do it. We did the living area first and locked Karma in th bedroom. It took both of us, me and my DH. He put it on the carpet and I used a broom to fully sweep it into the carpet. Fleas live and lay eggs at the base of the carpet so you will need to get the borax to the base of it. Once we did that we waited 30 inutes and vacummed it up. Flea eggs hatch with vibration only so the vacumm made the eggs hatch but the first breath the baby fleas got was a breath full of borax and the sufficate to death. It also does the same for adults. After the living area was done we moved in to the bed room. and repeated the entire thing. It took awhile but it did work. We use Dawn but as a prevenitive measure to help remove any fleas that survived the borax. Also get a flea coller and cut it up into peices and put the peices in to your vacumm bag to help kill any that get sucked up but do ont die. Remember to toss out each bag after every vacumm. Do not keep the bags in the vacum, even if you only use it the one time, any survivers can come back through the hose so you want to get it out of the house. Wash everything in hot water to kill any survivors.

When you use the borax make sure to get the areas your pets sleep in extra well. This is where most of the fleas will be. Remember fleas only spend about 10% of theire time on the host the rest of the time they are laying eggs and living in the carpets and apolstry.

The borax treatment will last about a year if done right. So you will only need to go through it once a year. Flea eggs can last a long time, it could be years before anouther outbreak.

Also get to a vet, anemia can set in fast. Also you need a dewormer. One of the only ways a cat gets tapeworm is from eating fleas.
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the advantage is the only thing i will be u sing on the cat, i bought stuff for the carpets. its not borax, they didnt have that when i went to the store. when he goes to the vet and gets dipped and tested, im going to ask him how long after the treatment i should wait before applying the advantage. i am of course going to ask them for something for the tapeworm and for something for anemia if he in fact has it which im really afraid he might. im going first thing thursday morning, my friend and i are taking him. when i get home the first thing im going to do is get the carpet on the front room in the house, and then im going to keep him, the dog and the birds locked out there so i can get the rest of the house. i am washing EVERYTHING. and i mean everybodys comforter, he sleeps in everyones bed at some point during the day. everyone was ordedered to wash their clothes, im going to get the furniture. whats going to suck is having to move all the furniture, i was told that the spots in the carpet with the least amount of traffic is where they flourish and that means underneath the carpets.
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My cat is recovering now from fleas.

I took him to the vet, got him a shot and the frontline gel. I think the shot was advantage. They gave me antibiotics to give him twice a day.

The whole ordeal cost me 80 dollars. I told the vet how he was feral and I rescued him and they fell in love with Mr. Kitty.

All you gotta do is tell them he is a rescue and you are a college student. They gave me a 60% discount because of that.

The bomb I got was frontline too I think, cost me 18 dollars.

Fleas seem to be gone, but I am going to set off another set of them soon just to be sure. The injection he got will last for months, so he will be comfortable until then.

Get your cat to the vet, I am sure he is really suffering right now.

My cat had scratches on his face too, and they said they could have gotten infected. So if you cat is allergic to fleas like mine, and taking a substantial blood-loss he will become anemic and eventually die depending on his health and age.

Get him to the Vet ASAP or you are being cruel. I know you work, but I took 3 hours off to get it done, and that is on top of taking 5 classes in college. 25 hour a week job and 5 classes is difficult, but I made the time.

Get it done...
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i took off tomorrow so i can take him to the vet first thing in the morning, i kno he is suffering, and i dont want him to suffer. im going to do whatever it takes to fix this problem.
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Good luck at the vet. Let us know how you make out.
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Another simple way to get rid of fleas:

Put a tray of water out with a little dishsoap in it, and hang a light above it. The fleas jump to the light and fall in the water. Make sure the light can't fall into the water.

I remember my parents doing this when I was a kid. We had fleas living in a shag carpet. Every morning we found lots of fleas in the tray. Make sure to squish them, since they can still be alive.
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well we went today, i planned on getting him dipped but the vet basically told me to use the frontline on him. thats it. and i asked about the tapeworms, and i didnt take a stool with me bc he hadnt pooed yet. and they told me i would see it in his poop. i dont really look at it while he is going and he covers it right up after ward, so i guess i have to get a gas mask (lol) and stare at him while he goes and try to get a good look at it before he covers it. he got a round of shots when i was there nd i made an appt for his neutering. Nov. 29th. and i im going to feel so bad about not being able to give him his breakfast, and the night before i will have to take his dry food and his water away from him then when i have to leave him im gunna feel so bad cuz he will probably think im not coming back for him... i kno im going to cry i just know it!!
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When I get a cat in who ha fleas or I get a bunch in my house, this is what I do. I bathe them in Dawn Dish Soap, lathering it up and letting it sit for a minute, then washing it off and combing any additional fleas out while they are still stunned and not so fast moving. Dip the comb into more warm soapy water so they stay contained and don't jump back onto your cat or the floor.

Then if there are still a lot, I treat with usually Frontline Plus. But yuo can use Advantage or Frontline or Revolution. Pet Supples Plus, Pet Smart, Pet Co and many pet shops sell most of these products. As long as it is a name brand and nothing from the grocery store, its fine. Plus it saves a ton of money rather then taking the cat to the vet and having them charge you $30 for the office call to confirm it is fleas and then you still have to buy the topical meds.

If the infestation was bad, I automatically treat for tapeworm when the cat gets its vaccines and general dewormer. So that takes are of that. Otherwise you will notice little white rice looking pieces around the cats butt, or in its stools or even where it is laying. It doesn't take a vet or a fecal to know what that is, it's tapeworm. Which if the cat has fleas as bad as you mentioned, you can assume it has tapeworms.

So then you can also avoid the vet's office call charge to tell you it is worms once again and yu can just go to Pet Smart (probably other pet stores too but I shop here) and lok for tapeworm tabs. The active ingredient MUST BE PRAZIQUANTAL. Praziquantal treats for tapeworms. It comes in a nice little bottle and is enough for one or two treatments. Just use one and save the other if youare treating routinely after a flea infestation, or treat twice (2 weeks apart) if you are physically seeing the tapeworm segments everywhere.

That is it folks. Worms are simple to treat once you get the active ingredients down. If you are seeing the worms, or have a new kitty, treat them, you don't need to have a vet do a fecal for something you can see with your own eyes. As long as you are buying the EXACT same active ingredient in the stuff the vet will give you (the brand name may be different but not the active ingredient), it will save a ton of money to care for your cats. I have been doing this for years.
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That's great if you have the knowledge to do so, but most of the posters here do not have extensive experience with it and really should consult with their vet before treating their pets themselves at home. Some pets have underlying medical conditions so they really should be seen by a vet prior to an over the counter treatment.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
That's great if you have the knowledge to do so, but most of the posters here do not have extensive experience with it and really should consult with their vet before treating their pets themselves at home. Some pets have underlying medical conditions so they really should be seen by a vet prior to an over the counter treatment.
Yes I know, that is why I am pointing out that they sell the exact same dewormers at the pet store, for far less then a vet would charge with everyting involved. It tells the dosage based on the weight of the animal so you know if you need to give a whole or a half a pill. It is simply put right there for anyone to use. I was in the same boat, I used to do the same thing, I used to freak out at worms and rush the cat to the vet. One time I had a cat literally with tapeworm segments all over him, I took him to the vet and the vet insisted on doing a fecal. That makes no sense to me and i was completely a waste of time and money and they just wanted more money and didn't care about anything else.

One day I started to look at ingredients and products available and realized the vet is basically an overpriced way to treat for something really really simple. I had to research and ask some questions too before I figured it out. Just trying to make things easy for some people. If you have an otherwise healthy animal and you see tapeworms, just pick up some meds from the pet shop and you are all set. It is the exact same thing.
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I'm sorry you are still going through this. This forum is for pet owners, like yourself. Not everyone on this site is a professional and all we do is share with each other what we've found to work. Even then, not all advice is always good. We can listen to advice others give us but nothing can replace the advice and treatment of your vet. I always research things myself before I apply any advice I'm given me. Even if it is from this site. I hope you get this problem solved soon! It looks like you are headed in the right direction now.
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Originally Posted by mzjazz2u View Post
I'm sorry you are still going through this. This forum is for pet owners, like yourself. Not everyone on this site is a professional and all we do is share with each other what we've found to work. Even then, not all advice is always good. We can listen to advice others give us but nothing can replace the advice and treatment of your vet. I always research things myself before I apply any advice I'm given me. Even if it is from this site. I hope you get this problem solved soon! It looks like you are headed in the right direction now.
I agree completely. Sometimes the meds you get over-the-counter are NOT the same strength or as safe as the vet supplies. There is also the question of age and weight of your cat. Then the real serious question of whether your cat has any underlying issues that you don't know about because you diagnosed and treated the cat yourself without seeking out the advice of a vet and end up having your pet die.

I would not advise anyone to diagnose and treat their animal themselves unless they've had many years of experience in dealing with these issues.

Not all vets are out to make as much money as possible. Like anything, you may have to shop around to find a good one and definitely speak to people you know to see who they use as a vet and why.

As Jazz says above, we can only share our stories of our experiences with you but when it comes to your cat you really need to get expert advice.

None of us would diagnose our own illnesses and take OTC medication for whatever we "thought" was wrong with us and we owe our pets no less consideration.
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Don't panic. Fleas, as others have said, live largely in the environment as eggs or pupae. (cocoons). A very small percentage of fleas in an infestation actually live on the cat. The good news is that the fleas that are on your cat do NOT jump off. This is a common misconception that even some vets still believe is the case! The fleas you see hopping around are newly hatched fleas. They bite you because they are programmed to seek out the first warm blooded creature they can find and jump on.
If you keep treating your kid with spot treatment once a month, the population will die out. You do need to plan on re-applying the Frontline in a month. This is important.
The bomb is effective against adult fleas, but eggs and pupae are pretty much protected by their casing, they have good defenses. There are flea bombs that are extremely good but since the bomb may not kill off all the eggs in the envirnment, it's entirely possible that you may see more fleas soon. If this happens, don't panic. Your kitten has been treated and when these fleas jump on him, they will die.
If you keep treating your cats with a spot on once a month, the fleas in the environment will die off. Just give it a couple of weeks, and you'll see. Hang in there.
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We've had fleas a few times (knock on wood) in the last thirty years. Treating my Old English Sheepdogs, Golden Retriever and cats is a pain. Not to mention dealing with my three children - I never find them when it is convenient. We get them from the wildlife that roams in our yard.

Capstar is available from a vet for both cats and dogs. It is safe for nursing mothers and babies 2 months old (much be 2 lbs). It starts working in 30 minutes and wears off in 8 hours. I consider it a miracle as it gives me a chance to deal with everyone at once.

The flea bombs can only be used when there are no living creatures in the house for the four hours of treatment. I also air out the house for 4+ hours before returning ( have asthma and am very sensative to odors). The latest ones available no longer require as much preparation a they did years ago. I still do major cleaning when I return, even though they supposedly don't need it anymore. According to best recommendations from the vet and the manufacturer, the treatment should be repeated in 3-4 weeks. We also have to treat the yard because of the dogs.
We spent the night at a hotel once whie the bombs worked - and drove over in the middle of the night to air out the house. I've also spent hours in our SUV, watching movies with the kids while the treatment works.

Only you can decide what you are willing to do to get rid of the fleas and how long you are willing to put up with them. Part of my decision to act immediately is based on my Golden's allergic reaction to fleas. It can result in his being put on high doses of prednisone for several weeks (not good).
And please be careful if you over the counter treatments. They scare me.
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