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Taking stray to vet for first time

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We have a stray who has adopted us at our weekend retreat. He went from running from us to now living outside our place in a shelter we purchased for him. He is very loving - an unneutered male probably about 3 years old. I want to take him to the vet soon - think he has a cold, runny eyes, sneezing, etc. Also want him fully checked out. I am sure my husband could get him into a carrier -surely using gloves as this has never happened to him before. Is there anything special I should tell the vet when I make the appt? I think the good guy will have to be sedated for an exam/blood work etc. Any advice as to how not to have my whole car sprayed with urine as I suspect he may do out of nerves in a car ride? I would like to know what others have learned from experience in getting a not so domesticated outdoor cat to the vet for the first time. Thanks for your advice in advance.
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You are doing a very nice thing for your stray friend. Thank you!

Is there is anything in the shelter, a cloth or towel or something like that, that you could put in the carrier before inserting your cat? Some familiar object or odor might keep him from freaking out too much.

If the carrier is open (that is, bars or other places a cat could see out of it) then cover the whole carrier with a towel or other air-passing material once your friend is in there. He will appreciate the darkness as a "hiding" place. If the carrier would allow urine to leak out the bottom, put a plastic bag down on the car seat under it.

Yes, it is very important you tell the vet ahead of time this is a semi-, if not completely, feral cat; some vets won't treat them at all, but the ones who will appreciate being warned!

And please, please, if you haven't already, consider getting him neutered.

Best of luck - let us know how it goes - I hope he is not seriously ill!
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Inform the vet ahead of time you are unsure about this kitty's behavior, he may be aggressive.

Test for FeLV/FIV, start vaccinations, make an appt. for neutering...and sounds like he's got a URI. So, he'll need antiobiotics.
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Have you ever picked him up or carried him around before?
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I haven't picked him up but my husband has and rough-houses with him a bit too-playing with his belly, etc. and the guy doesn't bite. He really is a lover - takes walks with us when we're there etc. Just want to make sure I am doing the right thing for him since I can't "adopt" him into my home yet.
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I had a bad experience with Clavamox on my "at home" cat. She had labored breathing, etc.and the vet advise we take her off it immediately. I have a lot of it still - if you think my outside guy has a URI do you think I should give him some clavamox to help? I can't get him to the vet til Thanksgiving week as our weekend place is in a rural area where Sat hours are rare. Any thoughts on self medicating him til I get him to the vet to be checked out?
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I'm just going to respond regarding the picking up thing. When I took Elsa to the vet (in a car, in a carrier) for the first time, I was really amazed that she was so calm. The vet was ready with welders gloves just in case, but they weren't needed. I had gotten so I could interact with her pretty easily by then.

I don't know about the Clavamox. I'd hate to give something inappropriate, but that might be exactly what the vet would do. What if you asked the vet about the dosage? I know you can buy vaccinations and such at feed stores, so stuff like that is done, I would just be worried.
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